RefTool Update

Hello all,

On this Wednesday from 5:10 pm to 5:20 pm, RefTool will receive a major update! This update will facilitate the Service Desk’s vetting process to providing password reset PINs to ONID users. There are 2 new features.

Masking Alternate Contact Information

Currently, by default RefTool displays the user’s alternate email and phone number in full:

Screenshot of alternate contact information before the update

After the update, RefTool will mask the client’s alternate contact info by default.

Screenshot of alternate contact info after update

Users of RefTool can reveal the alternate contact info by clicking on the “Show alt. contact” button. Doing this also displays a warning to¬† the user not to share the full info.

Screenshot of warning message after revealing the alternate contact info

Displaying a Person’s OSU ID Picture

For ONID-based accounts ONLY, RefTool will load the OSU ID card’s picture OSU has on record for a person.

Screenshot of person's profile picture

Note that OSU do not have pictures for the accounts below:

  • General mailboxes
  • Non-ONID accounts (AD-based accounts in various domains, e.g. science, engineering, TSS)

Unless these accounts have their own profile pictures linked from somewhere, an image will not be available.

That’s all folks. As always, if you have questions, comments, or concerns, let me know!

For demonstration, all identifiable info contained in the screenshots regarding the masking of alternate contact info have been edited via Google Chrome’s Inspector. ONID user “bennybeav” and all their contact info are made up.