Duo Mandatory Coming Soon


Duo mandatory for all non-students is coming on May 22nd. 

All non-student ONID accounts need to be signed up for Duo before May 22nd. Starting May 22nd, they will be prompted to sign up for Duo when they attempt to login on any OSU SSO site.

As of today, about two-thirds of the people who will be Duo mandatory have signed up. There are still about 3,000 who need to do so.

We expect to get a lot more requests about Duo in the days leading up to and just following the cut-over. Customers who will be mandatory but have not enrolled yet are receiving reminders and will receive more reminders as we get closer to the date.

Here are a few things we are doing now to prepare for this change:

  • Sign up events: The Duo project team have been doing regular sign-up events all over campus. These have been announced on the Duo site and in OSU Today. For more info, see: https://is.oregonstate.edu/duo/timeline-events
  • Service Desk staffing: We will be staffing up the Service Desk that week as much as possible to handle the expected influx of calls. We may add a temporary option to the phone menu for Duo callers to route to a specific group of people. More on this soon.
  • Cheat sheets: Each Service Desk station will have a cheat sheet with the most common Duo questions and answers for your quick reference.
  • CN customers: Jeff’s time is blocked out for the next couple weeks to work with CN customers who have not yet signed up for Duo. He and Max are also reaching out to schedule appointments with VIP customers.

We have given some customers bad information on a few points. Please read for a refresher and let me or Richard know if you have questions:

  • iPads: Duo works on all mobile devices including iPads. They don’t have to have cell access (see next bullet).
  • Offline Access: A mobile device registered for Duo does not need to have cell or wifi access – they can use the pass code generator in the app when offline. This applies if they are traveling. Even abroad. Even in outer space or the Mariana Trench.
  • Identity Verification: We only need to verify identity if we are helping the person bypass Duo by either giving them a bypass code or requesting opt out. Outside of that, use good judgement.
  • Bypass versus Passcode: A “bypass code” is something we generate. A “passcode” is something the customer generates with the Duo Mobile app or their hardware token. They are used the same way to login, however.
  • Not Duo-enrolled: If RefTool says the customer is not Duo-enrolled, they are not enrolled. Even if they say they are. If they think they are, but RefTool says they are not, it probably means they didn’t complete the sign-up process. After they scan the QR code, they have to do a Duo push and login one time to complete sign-up. This video shows the process: https://media.oregonstate.edu/media/0_sl9s1nyb
  • Really mandatory: If the customer is not a student, they are Duo mandatory. They should not ignore the notices! On May 22, if they are not signed up for Duo, they will be unable to login to many OSU services. (Please note: that list of services is for our reference only and should not be sent to customers.)
  • Password expiration: Customers do not have to change their password after they sign up for Duo. However, to enjoy the benefits of “never change your password again” they do need to change it one more time. Once they have done that, they won’t have to change it again unless their account is compromised. But they don’t have to change it right away.

Things that have changed recently:

  • Reactivation: Customers can reactivate their phone if they are still using the same phone number. This works because the reactivation tool allows them to send a text message to their phone to get back into Duo (normally we don’t allow text messaging for Duo). The steps are here: https://oregonstate.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/KB/ArticleDet?ID=69334
  • Broken/Lost Token: If a customer is only signed up with a token and it is lost or broken, they can now self-serve replacement of the token without us needing to escalate the issue to Duo support. Customers can do this via the “Manage your Duo devices” option on duo.oregonstate.edu.
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