Reftool Usability Improvements

Hello team!

We have a number of usability improvements to Reftool going live this week. Please see below for complete details:

Improved Readability for Small Windows

Previously, resizing the window to certain sizes led to both attribute labels and attribute values being cut off like so:

Cut off

Furthermore, only the attribute values were expandable. This behavior has now been changed so that longer strings for both  attribute labels and attribute values will carry over to the next line by default. We have also added the ability to contract and expand attribute labels and a larger subset of attribute values via clicking. Note that attribute labels expand and contract as a group, whereas the values remain individually manipulable.

fully visible

‘View LDAP’ Button in Account Details

Following up on the changes to the ‘View LDAP Entry’  button in the last set of Reftool updates, we have added a second copy of this button to the ‘Account Details’ block.

new LDAP button

This is intended to increase visibility of this feature in Reftool.  Note that clicking this button will also move you down the page to the LDAP info display section.

Bug Fix

Lastly, we have identified and fixed a bug involving the display of password expiration info. Specifically, a small number of users had both a password expiration date set and a flag on their account which indicated their password does not expire.  Do to a flaw in the existing logic, this resulted in Reftool displaying something like this:

Expired password never expires

This issue has been fixed, and users should now have at most one ‘Password Expires’ field per entry. Note that the flag which indicated their password does not expire (a userAccountControl status of 66048) has been given precedence.

Well, that’s all for now. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns.

Zoom Support

OSU will be turning on Zoom video-conferencing on May 28, 2019.

At that time, people who were using free Zoom accounts associated with an OSU email address will be rolled into the OSU instance. They will need to login at with their ONID credentials. More information here: Zoom – Login Change as of 5/28/2019

The Service Desk will provide tier 1 support for Zoom. Service Desk will be doing Zoom support training soon. Please note that the customers who are being moved on May 28 are already familiar with Zoom.

The Zoom Service Infosheet has escalation instructions. For now we will be escalating to the “Managed Communication (MCS), Zoom Support”.

There is also a “Zoom Support” ticket creation form to utilize. This form is shared across multiple groups in TeamDynamix and sets responsibility to the “Service Desk (group)” by default.

As always, please try to collect as much information as you can before doing an escalation.

Zoom Resources:

Compromised Account Process

IAM have automated several steps of the compromised account process. Please review the process here:

A few customers have complained recently that we didn’t handle the compromised account process well. The main complaint was technicians did not seem to be familiar with the correct process or gave the customer bad information (like “someone will contact you”). So please read the KB article above and make sure you are familiar with the process (or review it if/when you have a ticket like that come up).

MyOSU and Online Services

Reminder: troubleshooting and escalation steps for MyOSU are in the Infosheet here: MyOSU Service Infosheet

(Thanks go to Jill Swenson for this update.)

Some customers have trouble accessing links in MyOSU due to local network restrictions (see: MyOSU – Resolve Broken Links). In the past, one of the work-arounds we provided was to have them go through the old LDAP-based “Traditional Online Services Login” at

This is no longer a valid workaround. The web page has been changed to authenticate users through CAS (and DUO, if enrolled).  Any users with valid active ONID accounts must now use this method to log on to Online services—LDAP authentication is no longer possible.

Access through CAS authentication requires those ports that have been troublesome to users with local network restrictions. The preferred solution for such individuals is to connect through the campus VPN (link to VPN setup guide:

If necessary, former students and employees may still log on to Online services with OSU ID and GAP.  The link to do so is  This link will only work for individuals without a valid ONID account.  If people with active ONID accounts attempt to log on with their OSU ID and GAP, they will be directed to the CAS login process.

Instead of seeing this login:

…customers will see this login:

Some people may have bookmarked the URL for the Banner self-service login. The page now shows a link to direct current ONID users to the correct login URL:

Duo Prep


I expect that Duo calls will continue to pick up until next Wednesday, when we will likely get a rush from those folks who waited to the last minute. Please read for some details about how we are planning for this implementation.


Starting Monday, May 20, we will have a Duo option on the phone menu (option 4). Callers who choose that option will be routed to a phone split with technicians who only answer Duo questions. Some technicians – to be determined – will sign into a different split (203) to take those calls. The hope is that the influx of Duo calls will therefore not break the Service Desk. This also allows us to bring in helpers who are up-to-speed on Duo but not necessarily on everything the Service Desk does.

Robin will be at OSU-Cascades next week, and Jeff, David and Richard will be at the Library Monday-Wednesday doing Duo sign-up events. I will be adjusting staff calendars to provide coverage in each of our rooms.

We will not have a lot of hours available for CN on-site appointments next week. Please explain this to customers and use good judgement. If a customer needs something done sooner, we will make it work. Remember that “don’t schedule, just go” is a viable option, so long as we have people available at the time. It’s best to check with Max or another full-time staff member.

Resources for Duo Support

Very briefly, the following resources are available for you all next week:

Sign-up Events: There will be sign-up events in the Library all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. For any customers who are in Corvallis, this is the best option. Please don’t direct customers to the Service Desk walkup in Milne for Duo sign-up on those days. A sandwich board will be placed in front of Milne to redirect Duo sign-ups to the Library.

Phones: Feel free to test the 203 split now. Note that next week you should sign into the 111 split as usual unless Kirsten or Max tells you to switch to 203. We will be monitoring both queues in Avaya CMS throughout the day and making staffing adjustments as needed.

Quick Reference: The Duo Mandatory Quick Reference will be printed and available at each work space in the Service Desk. The electronic version of the document (with KB article links) is available in Box: Duo Mandatory Quick Reference

Humans: I plan to be at my desk and on Slack and available to help with Duo pretty much all the time. Richard will be online, but at the Duo sign-ups. If you get a question that is not addressed in the Quick Reference, ask it on the #duo channel on Slack.

Hostile Customers

If you get a customer who is being very unreasonable, please remember that you do not have to endure that. You can say “Let me get my supervisor” and then bring in a full-time staff member to help.

If a person says “I demand to speak to a manager” you can say “I can take down your contact information and have my manager call you back.”

If they are still adamant, feel free to come find a manager. I have asked Chris Sinnett to take any calls from customers who are demanding to speak to a manager immediately.

Very Long Calls

If a Duo call is going very long and many calls are waiting, you can suggest that the customer come to one of the sign-up events instead. This is probably a better option for those folks who are really struggling with using their smartphone, for example.

If they are not able to come to Corvallis, you can say: “It looks like this is going to take some time. Would it be okay if one of our technicians called you back later to complete this setup?” Later meaning Thursday or Friday, most likely. Some people might be okay with waiting. Make sure they understand the implications – namely that they will not be able to access some services until they sign up for Duo.

If calls are not very busy, it is okay to stay on a long call and finish helping the customer. Use your best judgment. Tuesday and Wednesday are probably going to be very busy.

The Party Line

If people ask why we are making them sign up for Duo or complain that they were not told about it, please refer them to the provost’s communication from earlier this year:

This mandate was sent by Provost Ed Feser in January this year via inform lists to all employees. A similar communication was sent to associates. The Service Desk is here to help people through this transition.