Changes to Reftool2: Hello Duo, Goodbye COHO

Hello team,

Some of you may have noticed a couple of minor changes in how Reftool results look.


Most excitingly, working together with IAM, we have upgraded the way Duo status is reported to Reftool and have added a trio of status reflectors for user entries.  They can be found at the bottom of the “Account Details” bar for relevant users.

The 3 reflectors and their possible values are as follows:

  • Duo Enrolled: “Yes” or “No”
  • Duo Mandatory: “No”, “Excluded”, or a date string YYYYMMDD
    • As of 1/31/2019 – the Duo Mandatory field is not showing properly if there is a date string in the value.
  • Duo Token Eligible: “Yes” or “No”

It is our hope that this added information makes it easier to support Duo users, particularly over the next few months as we move toward mandatory enrollment for non-students.


Somewhat less excitingly, links to COHO have been removed in conjunction with retirement of that service. This includes both the navbar link and the Ticket History link.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!