ITKnows and Helpdocs Now in TeamDynamix KB

I didn’t see a blog post about this, so here it is formally: The ITKnows site has been decommissioned and all content migrated to the TeamDynamix KB.

There were still some references to ITKnows articles in the TDx KB. I have fixed all of those today.

We may still have some ITKnows links out there, such as in any documentation kept in CN-Share or on Google Drive. If you have ITKnows links, please update them. I also encourage you to move your documentation into the KB where everyone can find it.

Also worth a reminder: all of Helpdocs are now in the TDx KB.

Remember: use quotes around your search in the TDx KB for better results.

Coming up: I am working on moving some pages from the old IS website into the TDx KB. I am also working on shutting down the old Client Services Sharepoint site, and will move anything that looks useful into the KB. Most of it is just going to be archived in Box as defunct. If there is something there you are still using, please let me know.

Are there other documentation sources I should look at? Let me know.