macOS Mojave Update

Apple released a new OS called Mojave on September 24, 2018. For Community Network customers, we are not yet recommending Mojave and High Sierra is still our standard/recommended OS. However, we will leave Mojave in place on any new computers that come with it already installed.

SCEP anti-virus is not officially supported for Mojave yet. While SCEP seems to work, it causes very slow performance on some computers, particularly for a few minutes after login. Until Microsoft releases a new SCEP client (or other replacement) or we find a way to resolve the performance issue, we probably won’t recommend Mojave.

That said, 166 CN customers have already upgraded to Mojave, and most of them have not reported issues. We do support Mojave, and will do our best to resolve issues customers bring to us.

Please research issues before recommending a downgrade back to High Sierra.

Relevant documentation for your review:

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