Service Desk Digest 12/7/2018

Happy end of term, everyone!

A few quick reminders:

  • Always try to get the name of the person you are helping, and associate the ticket with them.
  • Please record steps you took in the ticket. It’s extremely helpful later.
  • Find out what computer the request is about, and add the asset to the ticket. If it’s not a CN or labs computer, at least record basic information about what type of computer it is (Windows or Mac? Desktop or Laptop?)
  • Keep work spaces clean and inviting so customers feel like this is a welcoming space. Each desk in our offices should have a clear space where a visitor can sit and work with us.


MacOS Mojave – we are not recommending this yet for CN machines because there is no officially supported SCEP client (antivirus) for Mojave yet. If customers have already upgraded their personal or university device, we will do our best to support them.


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