Java no longer on CN builds by default

As of ~4:30pm today, Java is no longer part of the default MDT task sequence for CN builds. If a user does need Java installed, that will have to be done by hand during the build process, done during placement, or addressed over the phone. Existing Java installs will still be automatically updated as appropriate.

The most common instances where Java will be needed are:

  • Appworx
  • Banner Workflow Modeler
  • Banner Relationship Modeler
  • Sunapsis

Please note that Banner 9 does not require Java to be installed, and will be the only Banner option after the 31st of this month.

FOBC HR coming on CN Service

As a result of the recent fire in Burt Hall, the FOBC HR staff will be moving from the EOA Admin bulding to the 4th floor of Snell Hall with HSBC tomorrow (Ken and Tim are tasked with the move).  They will also transition from College of Forestry IT to Community Network for IT support.

Due to December payroll deadlines and the holidays, the AD changes to move the FOBC HR staff accounts and computers to CN will be delayed for up to two weeks.  In the interim we’ll need to work with our peers in Forestry to ensure that any issues are addressed quickly and efficiently.

FOBC’s shared data will remain on the Forestry server after we complete the transfer, mapped as their T: drive.  Home folders will move to CN-Home.  A new Infosheet has been added to TD for your reference:

CN Cyder Zone Cleanup


Today at 1:00-1:30pm, we will be moving most** Community Network wireless registrations in Cyder to a single container called “CN-Wireless”.

This is a house-keeping change only. No changes are being made to any of the CN wireless registrations and there will be no impact to customers.

FYI, these registrations allow hosts to connect to OSU_Access and bypass the captive portal. They have no impact on connectivity to OSU_Secure, eduroam or the wired network.

Reason for this change: Community Network has a LOT of legacy containers in Cyder. Most wired device registrations are now in one of a short list of new core containers. When we moved CN customers to the new core, the wireless registrations were left behind in the legacy containers. The change today will allow us to start cleaning up the old containers to simplify the process of registering new CN devices and simplify management of technician access in Cyder.

Current “new core” CN containers in Cyder:

  • – community network staff and faculty
  • zone.cn_irs – Security domain CN-IRS_W
  • zone.cn_mcc – Community Network in Milne Computer Center
  • zone.cn_outreach – Community Networks Clients in CN-Outreach_W Security Domain
  • zone.cn_printers – Devices on CN-Prntr_S
  • zone.cn_pubsafety – For clients in the CN-PubSafety_W security domain
  • zone.cn_secdev – Devices on SecDev-WebCam_H
  • zone.cn_studentadmin – Devices on CN-StudentAdmin_W  security domain.
  • zone.cn_univadmin – This zone is for clients in the CN-UnivAdmin_W security domain.


* * Note: no changes are being made to the Extension/AES containers in Cyder. Also, at this time systems that have dual registrations (wired and wireless) will not be moved.

UIT Potluck Party Plan

This Thursday staffing will be a bit of a challenge at the Service Desk due to the UIT holiday party.

Staff: while you are at the Service Desk, please pay attention to the phones and take calls if needed. If you don’t remember your phone code, ask Max or Kirsten.

Students: If you are scheduled to work and plan to attend the potluck, please check with Max regarding scheduling.

We will be closing the walk-up during the party, and a message will be posted on the phones to let customers know that our wait times may be longer than usual.

Service Desk Digest 12/17/2018


Visitor Wifi Download Speed Increase

As of 12/13/2018, the Visitor wifi download speed has been increased to 25Mbps. The upload speed is still limited to 10Mbps.

Buildings with Known Wifi Issues

Some areas on campus have known poor wireless coverage; they are documented here: Wireless Coverage Issues in Some Locations

Kaltura & MediaSpace Documentation

Thanks to Jonathan Ropp and Hamza Munaf, the Kaltura/MediaSpace FAQ documentation has all been moved into the TDx KB.

OSU_Unsecured Issue Resolved

The OSU_Unsecured network was introduced this term to allow dorm residents to connect devices that require open wifi (since OSU_Access is no longer available in OSU housing). Some devices were still unable to connect after registering. This issue has been resolved as of 12/11/2018.

Old MacOS Issues

As of Feb 1, 2019, Microsoft OneDrive is retiring support for Mac OS 10.10 and 10.11 (Yosemite and El Capitan).

Also, the most recent iTunes update breaks Safari for macOS Yosemite.

We have a substantial number of Community Network-supported Macs running very old macOS versions. If you receive a call from a CN customer on anything older than Sierra, we need to help them get upgraded. Scheduling an appointment is probably advised, but if the customer wants to attempt an upgrade, check that their computer supports the latest OS, and remind them to backup their data first.

MacOS support info for CN here: CN Operating System Life Cycle Information

Upcoming Events

UIT Holiday Party

The annual UIT holiday party is this Thursday in Cascade Hall. The deadline to RSVP or sign up to bring food is today at 5PM:

If you are scheduled to work that day and plan to attend, please talk to Max Cohen about scheduling considerations.

Helpdocs Sunset

The Helpdocs site will be shut down this Thursday, December 20. Most pages will be redirected to new articles in the TDx KB. If you notice a dead link, please let me know.


macOS Mojave Update

Apple released a new OS called Mojave on September 24, 2018. For Community Network customers, we are not yet recommending Mojave and High Sierra is still our standard/recommended OS. However, we will leave Mojave in place on any new computers that come with it already installed.

SCEP anti-virus is not officially supported for Mojave yet. While SCEP seems to work, it causes very slow performance on some computers, particularly for a few minutes after login. Until Microsoft releases a new SCEP client (or other replacement) or we find a way to resolve the performance issue, we probably won’t recommend Mojave.

That said, 166 CN customers have already upgraded to Mojave, and most of them have not reported issues. We do support Mojave, and will do our best to resolve issues customers bring to us.

Please research issues before recommending a downgrade back to High Sierra.

Relevant documentation for your review:

LAN Party Winter 2019

It’s time for the Winter LAN party. Please join us Friday, January 4, 2019 for PC games, console games and tabletop – or just to hang out with your fellow IT folks.

When: Friday, January 4, 5PM- Midnight (you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here).

Where: Milne basement

Who: All OSU IT staff and student workers are welcome.

Also: a huge thanks to Thomas Olson for making these parties happen! What will happen after he goes to CEOAS?!? The end is nigh!


If anyone wants to bring a console, that would be great.

Some of the lab computers will be loaded with Steam.

If you prefer to bring your own computer: we can provide keyboards and mice, but you should bring your own monitor and headphones.

There is room for table top. Bring a game you want to play! Make friends!


We encourage everyone to bring snacks and (non-alcoholic) drinks.

Pizza will be provided around 5:00 pm. Donations of money towards pizza are appreciated. Please see Kirsten before Friday, January 4 if you wish to donate.

Service Desk Digest 12/7/2018

Happy end of term, everyone!

A few quick reminders:

  • Always try to get the name of the person you are helping, and associate the ticket with them.
  • Please record steps you took in the ticket. It’s extremely helpful later.
  • Find out what computer the request is about, and add the asset to the ticket. If it’s not a CN or labs computer, at least record basic information about what type of computer it is (Windows or Mac? Desktop or Laptop?)
  • Keep work spaces clean and inviting so customers feel like this is a welcoming space. Each desk in our offices should have a clear space where a visitor can sit and work with us.


MacOS Mojave – we are not recommending this yet for CN machines because there is no officially supported SCEP client (antivirus) for Mojave yet. If customers have already upgraded their personal or university device, we will do our best to support them.