Reminder: Keep Work Spaces Clean


Be kind to your co-workers and to our customers. Please keep your work spaces clean.

Make sure to throw away tissues, empty cups, wrappers, etc.

Papers can go in the recycling. Cardboard goes in the large recycling containers behind Kidder hall. All food trash needs to go outside as our trash pick-up is only once per week and it gets stinky indoors.

Please help keep our work areas clean and inviting.

Thank you!

HelpDocs Sunset

The existing Helpdocs site is slated to be decommissioned by December 31, 2018 as part of WAMS’ effort to spin down the Drupal 6 infrastructure.

Most Helpdocs articles have already been redirected to corresponding articles in the TeamDynamix KB. WAMS has agreed to maintain the redirects for some time.

Some articles that appeared to be defunct have been either deleted or unpublished. If a customer reports a dead link, please let me know (you can assign the ticket to Kirsten Petersen or ping me on Slack).

Updated BITS policy for off campus customers

Starting this evening, we’ll be rolling out a new BITS policy. BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) is the Windows feature that controls background downloads such as Windows or Office Updates.

This updated policy will be replacing a 10+ year old policy, with the key difference being that we’ll be enabling local subnet peer to peer traffic to reduce overall bandwidth requirements for external sites. This evening (11/8) we’ll be rolling out the new policy to AES sites, and assuming no issues result, Extension sites a week from today (11/15). The master ticket for this change (along with more technical specifics) can be found here.

As a reminder, a general overview of all our fleet wide group policies can be found here.

OSU_Access, OSU_Secure and Eduroam


Since January of this year, we should no longer have been setting up customers on the OSU_Access network. Instead, we should be recommending eduroam or OSU_Secure. This change was announced via email to the department and posted in the KB, but not yet to this blog.

It came to my attention today that BuildTracker still has a step to add the wireless adapter to Cyder. That is only meaningful when connecting to OSU_Access, and is no longer needed. All such registrations will be deleted soon anyway as part of the decommissioning of the OSU_Access network.

This step will be removed from BuildTracker soon. For now, please disregard that step when doing a CN computer build.

I will post another update shortly about future alternatives to OSU_Access.

Computers at the Desks


When you start your shift, please look up the tickets for any computers sitting at your work area. If it is a CN build or personal device repair, please either continue the steps needed or hand it off to another technician to complete.

When you end your shift, please try to hand off incomplete work to another tech.

For more reminders about start of shift and end of shift, see: Service Desk Daily Tasks

Thank you and keep up the excellent work!


Guidance for responding to bias-related postings and graffiti


Based upon increased reports of non-authorized postings, and as we head into the weekend before the election, OSU is providing guidance about how to respond to bias-related postings or graffiti.

The PDF file at the link below will help you if these postings are encountered.

This guidance has also been posted here:

  • Corkboard outside Milne 201.
  • Inside Milne 201.
  • Door exiting Milne 213 near the elevator – to the left of the door.
  • On the door in the hallway near the cabinets.

If you encounter these postings, please follow the directions on the guidance sheet.

If you have questions, please ask!