MBAM Policy Update

The Microsoft Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) policy for machines in the CN domain has been updated to not require a PIN by default. This has no impact on existing MBAM configurations (e.g. it isn’t going to clear out the existing PIN), but it does mean that an existing install with a PIN can be changed to a blank PIN.

As a reminder, a general overview of all our fleetwide group policy objects is available here

Duo Changes Coming Soon

The following changes are coming soon for Duo.

Duo Enrollment Required for IT Staff

Duo enrollment will be required to access the following ONID admin tools starting Monday, November 5:

  • Duo Bypass Generation Tool
  • ONID Mover
  • ONID Administrative Password Reset

The ONID Password PIN Reset tool will also require Duo enrollment in the near future.

Please note that once you enroll in Duo, you will need to use Duo whenever you login via OSU single sign on. If you would like a Duo hardware token, contact Kirsten Petersen.

Starting November 5, you will not be able to use ONID admin tools if you are not Duo-enrolled.

Distributed IT Teams Can Issue Duo Bypass for Everyone

Until recently, distributed IT teams were only able to issue Duo bypass codes for users managed by their department. Starting next week, IT teams across campus will be able to issue Duo bypass codes  for any user.

What this means: If you are helping a customer who is on the other side of campus, they can potentially get help at an IT helpdesk closer to their location. Other IT teams will now also be able to assist their undergraduate students with Duo bypass.

SD-Troubleshooting Slack Channel

The #sd-troubleshooting channel in slack is now a thing that exists! Some quick info and ground rules:

  • This is intended to be a catch all for troubleshooting issues (not just really unusual/tough stuff).
  • This is not a substitute for creating a ticket!
  • Make sure you’re responding in a thread so the channel doesn’t turn into a confusing mess.

The intent with the channel is to help keep the regular #service-desk channel more “operations” related, as well as provide an easy way to get assistance working through any troubleshoot.

Survey Feedback

I know start of term is a rough time for everyone. So here are a few survey responses to let you know what our customers think of all of your hard work.

These are all from last week.

It was a very quick response time. There wasn’t any additional communication required for my request. Thank you!
Jonathan was great at setting up the several laptops for general use for upcoming classes.
good problem solving skills and expeditious, thank you!
As always great, friendly service.
Problem was resolved very quickly. Thanks!
I called IT 3 times for separate issues related to the same task and all three times they were extremely helpful and resolved my problem quickly.
The staff was extremely helpful and very patient.  I’m still not sure if my problem has been resolved since my instructor has yet to provide me feedback on my latest submission.  Thank you.  Will definitely let you know.
Thomas is awesome. I love Thomas, Bitlocker master. He fixed my computer in 5 seconds. I have been sad for more than a day since I am just able to travel but getting the issue diagnosed would cost me more than $100.
I so appreciate the multiple follow-ups and very understanding help in solving my issue. I know it was a bit perplexing and required a couple weeks to figure out. Checking in with me to see if it had resolved and acting on my feedback solved the problem in the end. Thank you!
Great service this morning! Quick and effective!
Great and responsive as usual!
Thank you guys. All the advice helped. And as an online student you all felt like a lifeline. Switching to the VPN solved all of my issues, and has resolved them ever since
Staff was friendly and courteous, and the service was exceptional. Also the location was easy to find.
I received a very quick analysis of what might be the problem (keyboard battery) and I was able to fix it quickly.
Exceptionally prompt response with clear instructions for accessing WebEx platform.
I appreciated the assistance.
Staff was very helpful. He guided me each step over the phone till the issue got resolved. Thanks
The gentleman was very patient and helpful, solved my problem in no time!
Very knowledgeable and capable staff. solved my issue with no hesitation. Great job to everyone involved.
As an e-campus student being able to call in for help and having courteous and knowledgeable help is a valuable part of my education.
Staff were very polite and helpful.
The young man helping me was very excellent, and didn’t make me feel stupid for the easy fix he provided because I didn’t know that particular screen has scroll options to other menu items that were visible.
Quick and helpful
I needed to respond to my NASA program manager ASAP and the quick help of the help desk staff was much appreciated.
Really great to have you all working behind the scenes to make sure everything works fine.
Greatly appreciate your work. Thank you.
Your staff member was very courteous and persistent.
The staff was very friendly and gave great suggestions. I am working on them right now and would need some time to buy the new ‘stuff’. Would surely come back once I buy the items needed to complete the job.
Very friendly and positive staff person.
Very courteous and knowledgeable staff.
CN staff are the most responsive, knowledgeable, efficient and friendly tech folks I have ever worked with.  Relatively speaking, all of my tech issues have been addressed in a very timely manner.
Perfect ~ knew exactly what I needed. Thank you.
Thumbs up.
The IT person I spoke with didn’t know for sure which driver I needed and it didn’t sound like the supervisor knew for sure either.  But he worked through the options and got me set up with the correct driver to give me the printer options I was looking for.
Executed in timely manner, exactly as I wanted.
My guide was very helpful.  Reminded me to save my files in a safe place before following her advice to transfer to the correct Box account.  Empathetic, and din’t make me feel like a fool. Two thumbs up!

New Voicemail System 10/25/2018

Telecom will be cutting over to a new voicemail system called AVST in the evening of 10/25/2018.

The Service Desk will be a point-of-contact for basic usage of the system. Questions about creating a voicemail account, resetting a PIN, or more complex questions should be escalated to Telecom. Please note that for escalations to Telecom we can either reassign the ticket or make a new ticket using the voicemail request form; we should not assign tasks to Telecom because it doesn’t integrate with their work order system.

AVST is replacing the old voicemail system, Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging (UM). The UM KB articles will be updated to reflect the same steps in AVST.

If there are issues following the cut-over, please link them to the maintenance ticket:

AVST Voicemail Documentation:

Windows 7 End-of-Life Project

Windows 7 will be end-of-life January 2020. By that time, all Community Network computers running Windows 7 will need to be upgraded or replaced.

The below email notice will be sent to department contacts on 10/16/2018 regarding computers that are too old to run Windows 10 and need to be replaced.

If customers call or write in asking about this project, please create a ticket assigned to Chris Sinnett.


To: CN Department contacts
From: Chris Sinnett
Date: 10/16/2018
Subject: Windows 7 Computer Replacement – Department Name

Hi <Name>,

All OSU computers running Windows 7 must be replaced or upgraded to the current release of Windows 10 before Microsoft ends support in January 2020.

The following computers cannot run the latest version of Windows 10 and must be replaced by November 2019.

Computer User Model S/N
<computer1> <user1> <model1> <serial1>
<computer2> <user2> <model2> <serial2>


Why must we replace these computers?

Microsoft will no longer provide security updates for Windows 7 after support ends in January 2020.  At that point the University’s Baseline Standards of Care prohibit us from allowing Windows 7 computers to connect to the network.  Computers that cannot run Windows 10 must be replaced or disconnected from the network.

—–Cut & paste link below into a web browser to review Baseline Standards of Care—-

Why must they be replaced by November 2019?

Community Network has identified over 500 Windows 7 computers that need to be replaced and nearly 1,100 that need to be upgraded.  We have set the November 2019 cut off date to ensure that we complete all replacements and upgrades well in advance of Microsoft’s deadline.

What about computers that just need an upgrade?

We will send a separate email with a list of departmental computers to be upgraded.  We’re currently developing a process that should allow us to upgrade most computers in-place.  Once we’ve completed our testing we’ll share that list of computers and start scheduling Windows 10 upgrades.

What about computer rebuilds?

Effective immediately, all computers sent to Community Network (CN) for a rebuild will be evaluated for Windows 10 compatibility.  Computers that can be upgraded will be rebuilt and returned to you with Windows 10 installed.

What if we can’t afford to replace all of our computers this fiscal year?

We realize that this issue may present a financial burden to some units, which is why we’re notifying you now, so you can spread your purchases across two fiscal years.  We also recommend that you contact us to discuss moving toward an ongoing 3-5 year replacement cycle.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Chris Sinnett
Mgr-Information Technology, Client Services
Information Services | Oregon State University



Service Desk Digest – 10/12/2018

Process Updates

  • Outage tickets: Outage tickets will now have “Resolved” appended to the title when they are closed out,  helping technicians know how to handle child tickets of an outage. The Outage Ticket Process document has been updated to reflect this change.
  • Spam reporting: The spam @ address is gone, and documentation referencing it has been removed. The mailbox was no longer being monitored. If you find other references to that address, please let me know. Customers may still report phish.
  • Network ports: All Service Desk mentors (full-time staff) now have access to the IMC tool to configure wired network ports. If you need a port changed for a CN customer, ask a mentor. There is no need to send these requests to Telecom anymore.

New KB Articles


  • Know who the customer is: We have had 184 tickets set to “phone @log” in the past 30 days. Many of those should have been linked to a person at OSU. Please remember to ask for the customer’s name or ID number early in the call so you can link their ticket to them.
  • Set asset/computer information in the ticket: Always put details in the ticket about what computer the customer is using. If it is a CN computer, add the asset on the Assets/CIs tab. If it is a personal device, put a note in the Tech Notes field about whether it is a Mac or Windows machine at least.
  • Read the Getting Started Guide: it covers a lot of scenarios that folks still seem to be having trouble with. In particular, please read: What to do when you don’t know what to do

Upcoming Changes

  • A new voice mail system (AVST) will be implemented in the evening of October 25th. A notice was sent to the campus Inform lists yesterday. The existing voice mail documentation in the knowledge base will be updated for AVST next week.
  • Outlook 2019 for Mac is available. We are not pushing this out to CN customers yet. The serialized installer is available at: \\software\software\Microsoft Office Suites\Office 2019\Mac

Windows 10 update 1809

In this month of Halloween, Microsoft tries to scares us all with a new major update.

That said, we will have customers trying to install it on their personal computers and it becomes an Automatic Update on October 9th.

There is a KB article going over known issues when updating (and how to fix them!) here:

Now for what they changed or added to Windows 10!

Dark mode.

This feature is one that I am personally happy to see. While Windows 10 has dark themes already, the update allows the theme to apply to File Explorer.

Windows Update Changes.

After the update is installs, Windows will change the way it does updates. You will see less unexpected restarts, more third-party firmware updates, and less interruption as Windows will download and apply updates during low usage times. There will also be less restarts as the AI has improved functionality in determining if the update needs a restart.

Improved full scope search.

Now a single search term can turn up results from the Web, apps from the Store, and files from local storage or the cloud. The menu options beneath a file include options that save you from having to right-click.

Settings search from the Start menu.

That pane on the right is open automatically in the new search view. For settings, it gives you an easy option to open Settings and jump directly to the relevant page. For apps, you get a menu of additional options.

Snip & Sketch replaces the Snipping Tool.

The old Snipping Tool is still present but will deprecate in the future. Snip & Sketch allows a user to copy a rectangle, a freeform region, or a full screen, with a delay of up to 10 seconds. After the clip is complete, annotate it in the app and then save, share, or paste it.

Clipboard Manager (Cloud Clipboard)

Clipboard can now remember multiple items. In settings, go to System, then choose Clipboard and turn the history feature on. The sync feature allow the clipboard to work across multiple devices but requires a Microsoft ID. Win+V will bring up the Cloud Clipboard interface.

Changes to Edge

Edge received many feature updates, including the ability to adjust the way Edge looks and changes to the menu options and allows the user to block videos from automatically playing. They also significantly improved the e-Reader functionality.

Text from your PC.

The “Your Phone” app lets you text from the PC and can instantly access photos from your phone. Some features are restricted on iPhones due to Apple’s platform restrictions. However Android phones reportedly work great.

Disk Cleanup

Microsoft made some changes to the Disk Cleanup utility, most notably is that it now offers a checkbox to clean up the user’s download folder. Be really sure that you want to do that!

Other enhancements are improved Accessibility options and features, the ability to view Problem and Data Diagnostic reports, battery details for Bluetooth devices, and new emoji.

Lastly, the humble Notepad app gets an update. It will now have the tap functionality like that found in NotePad++ and finally supports unix line breaks (  -Thanks Ben!). Huzzah!