Inventory Retirement; Use Asset

Effective immediately, we are officially retiring the TSS Inventory module.  The site will remain active for a short period of time so management can access it for historical purposes, but anything we would have done via Inventory will now be done using TD Asset.  We’re working on updating documentation and processes to reflect this change.

The link to “Inventory” in RefTool has been replaced with a link called “Assets” that directs to TeamDynamix. If you don’t see the Assets tab in TDx, click on the Applications icon in the upper-left and select Assets/CIs. It will then show up as a tab in the UI.

***** NOTE – You do NOT need to make Asset entries for Apple or Windows machines. Assets in TDx are made automatically from the information entered into Casper (Apple machines) and via the SCCM client (Windows). *****

Documentation about Assets in TDx and the integrations is here:

Update 10/2/2018:

Inventory is now read-only.

Update 10/3/2018:

  • Build Sheet
    • Header now links to Asset instead of Inventory
    • “Inventory ID” has been replaced with Asset