Inventory Retirement; Use Asset

Effective immediately, we are officially retiring the TSS Inventory module.  The site will remain active for a short period of time so management can access it for historical purposes, but anything we would have done via Inventory will now be done using TD Asset.  We’re working on updating documentation and processes to reflect this change.

The link to “Inventory” in RefTool has been replaced with a link called “Assets” that directs to TeamDynamix. If you don’t see the Assets tab in TDx, click on the Applications icon in the upper-left and select Assets/CIs. It will then show up as a tab in the UI.

***** NOTE – You do NOT need to make Asset entries for Apple or Windows machines. Assets in TDx are made automatically from the information entered into Casper (Apple machines) and via the SCCM client (Windows). *****

Documentation about Assets in TDx and the integrations is here:

Update 10/2/2018:

Inventory is now read-only.

Update 10/3/2018:

  • Build Sheet
    • Header now links to Asset instead of Inventory
    • “Inventory ID” has been replaced with Asset

Appointment Scheduling

Some quick notes about appointment scheduling:

  1. I have populated the staff schedules for the term. The following people have dedicated time booked on their calendars for appointments, but other staff may be able to take emergency appointments as well. If you can’t find a time for an appointment, talk to a mentor or manager.
    1. Jeff Bonnichsen
    2. Robin Castle
    3. Ken Howard
  2. When scheduling an appointment, make sure the technician’s calendar says they are available for appointments at that time (It should say “Field” or “Appointments”).
  3. Consider the option: “Don’t schedule; just go.” If you can’t resolve an issue over the phone, but think you could resolve it on-site, ask a mentor if you can aux out and go.


Relevant documentation about appointments has been updated:

Fall Term 2018 Welcome Back


Welcome back to another term and another year! Some of you have been away for the summer or longer. This post is intended to get you back up-to-speed but also contains important information for everyone.

Please read the Service Desk Getting Started Guide for an overview on important reminders and some updates on recent-ish changes. It should take you about 15-20 minutes to read.

The guide covers things like what to do when you don’t have the answer, how to get help, changes to Banner, Duo, and Wireless services, new services such as Localist and the Online Chemistry lab, and reminders about ticket updates and customer intake.

A few things to note:

  • Richard and I are working on a new training module for Duo support. Coming soon.
  • I know some of you are still waiting on Banner 9 and Localist training. I will get that sent out soon.
  • Lucas and I will be building a TeamDynamix training soon.

What confuses you? What would you like to know more about? What do you wish your coworkers knew? Let me know!


New OSU_Unsecured network in Housing for Consumer Devices

OSU is in the process of disabling the OSU_Access network. As of September 4, it has been disabled in all campus housing buildings. Customers should connect their computers to Eduroam or OSU_Secure instead.

However, students who live in OSU housing have reported that they are not able to connect some consumer products (such as Rokus, smart home assistants and some gaming consoles) to Eduroam or OSU_Secure because the devices do not support WPA2 Enterprise.

To allow students to connect consumer devices, the OSU_Unsecured network was implemented on 9/20/2018.

The OSU_Unsecured network is only available in student housing buildings. It does not allow access to any OSU resources (also cannot access VPN). Computers should be connected to Eduroam or OSU_Secure, and not OSU_Unsecured.


Ecampus Online Chemistry Lab

Beginning this fall term, the Service Desk will be the first point-of-contact for help with a new online virtual chemistry lab being used in some Ecampus Chemistry courses.

The online chemistry lab is completely html-based, does not require a plug-in, and is accessed through Canvas. Chrome is the recommended browser. We will assist students with basic browser troubleshooting and usage. Ecampus students will receive training in the use of the lab site as part of their course, and instructors will also be assisting them. Technical issues that we can’t resolve will be escalated to Ecampus. Ecampus also supports the instructors using the system.

The vendor provided a training video for us which I will be sharing with you all shortly.

Please read the following and let me know if you have questions:

Local Admin GPO Updates

Reminder: a brief overview of fleetwide policies is available here.

As of 5pm on 9/25, we’ll be changing the way our local admin GPO functions. Currently, the GPO attempts to do the following:

  • Create/set the local Support account (This fails 100% of the time and just generates event log entries)
  • Create/set the local SupportRemote account (This fails 100% of the time and just generates event log entries)
  • Add the local Support account to the local administrators group
  • Add the local SupportRemote account to the local administrators group
  • Add the CN\Desktop Admins group (our network admin accounts) to the local administrators group

After the change, a new policy (Windows – Local Administrators) will do the following:

  • Add the local Support account to the local administrators group
  • Add the CN\Desktop Admins group to the local administrators group
  • Remove the local SupportRemote account from the local administrators group

The local Support/SupportRemote accounts are created as part of the build process, so they don’t need to be created via policy.

The important change is that after a machine processes this new policy, SupportRemote will not be an admin on machines. This is a good thing as we typically give out the password to anyone who asks (or as part of normal troubleshooting), and we really don’t want to be inadvertently giving out admin credentials to the fleet.

If customers call in looking for help because they were expecting to use SupportRemote as an admin account, we should help them get a regular Lastname_F local admin account set up. (See this KB article for details).

If a customer was using the SupportRemote account to manage multiple machines, chat with Ben about getting a network user plus account spun up for them.

Summer LAN Party

It’s time for the Summer LAN party. Please join Friday, September 14 for PC games, console games and tabletop – or just to hang out with your fellow IT folks.

When: Friday, September 14th, 5PM- Midnight (you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here).

Where: Milne basement

Who: All OSU IT staff and student workers are welcome.

Also: a huge thanks to Thomas Olson for making these parties happen!


If anyone wants to bring a console, that would be great. (Rock Band is probably not happening this time, sorry.)

Some of the lab computers will be loaded with Steam.

If you prefer to bring your own computer: we can provide keyboards and mice, but you should bring your own monitor and headphones.

There is room for table top. Bring a game you want to play! Make friends!


We encourage everyone to bring snacks and (non-alcoholic) drinks.

Pizza will be provided around 5:00 pm. Donations of money towards pizza are appreciated. Please see Kirsten before Friday afternoon if you wish to donate.