CN Supported Room Renames

CN Supported room calendars are going to be renamed in the Global Address List. Rooms will be renamed on August 28th after 5pm (effectively our customers will see this change on the morning of August 29th)

These updates will ensure that all room calendars have a consistent naming scheme and will work properly with Outlook’s “Room Finder” feature.

This does not apply to resource calendars or shared calendars. After the update, the new name must be used when searching for and scheduling the room.  Any room Calendars that customers added previously will need to be added again in order to display the new name. This update will not affect existing appointments on the room calendars.

KB Articles related to this change

List of Rooms and their new name

If customers do not see an expected room on this list:

  • The calendar is not configured as a room calendar (it may be set as “equipment” or “shared”)
  • The calendar is actually a public folder calendar (which will need to be exported and renamed at a later date)
  • The calendar is a secondary calendar under a user’s mailbox (Which needs to be exported out to a separate properly created room calendar)

If customers have room calendars that meet any of these criteria, create a ticket detailing what the calendar is currently called, how the calendar is currently configured, what building and room number it corresponds with, and then assign that ticket to CN Accounts.

Banner 9 Training


In preparation for the roll-out of Banner 9 Student next week and Banner 9 Finance in September, I will be sending you all a Banner 9 training quiz invitation shortly.

The training includes a 15 minute video from Ellucian that will walk you through the Banner 9 interface. Plan accordingly. It is okay to start the training and finish it later. Students: if you need extra time to complete the training, please talk to Max.

Good news: Banner 9 is HTML-only. No more Java!

Banner 9 Dates:

  • August 15 – Banner Student
  • September 4 – Banner Finance
  • December 31, 2018 – all Banner forms will be migrated by this date

Service Desk Digest 8/6/2018

Please read on for important updates and reminders regarding Banner 9, Webex, and Campus Labs.

Banner v9 Upgrades

Banner v9 Student Roll-out on August 15, 2018. We are reviewing our documentation now in light of this change. This change is likely to impact more people than previous Banner upgrades. Many questions may need to be referred to one of the core offices: Enrollment Management, Office of the Registrar, Office of Admissions, or Business Affairs/Administration.


Banner Finance v9 will be rolled out on September 4, 2018.

Banner 9 landing page screen shot.
Banner 9 landing page screen shot.

Webex U/I Changes

On Friday, July 28, Webex changed to a more video-centric meeting experience. For more information about the changes, see the following:

Also note: the name is now Webex, not WebEx. The change in capitalization is part of the new look and feel.

Webex meeting experience before and after screen shots. Image from:
Webex meeting experience before and after screen shots. Image from:

Campus Labs and the Service Desk

Reminder: The IS Service Desk is the first point-of-contact for support of the campus labs and computing classrooms. If someone in one of the IS-provided campus labs contacts us for support, we can help over the phone, send a technician to help immediately, or schedule an appointment for a tech to visit later if the room is currently being used for a class. ScreenConnect is available on all campus labs computers and Service Desk technicians have local admin access.

When making a campus labs ticket, set the form on the ticket to “Campus Labs“.  If you need to escalate the issue to the Campus Labs team, set responsibility to “Campus Labs” as well. Make sure to collect sufficient information in the ticket, and detail what troubleshooting you have already tried.

How to make a Campus Labs ticket from RefTool.
How to make a Campus Labs ticket from RefTool.

Campus Labs Resources (Note: these documents currently being reviewed and updated):

  • Campus Labs Infosheet – what we support and how to escalate
  • Campus Labs website – which rooms are supported and what software is available; links to request forms for after-hours access in Milne and to request software installation in labs or on Citrix

Note: campus labs customers responding to ticket surveys last school year consistently reported that the help from the Service Desk was “good” or “excellent”. Well done, team!