IS Tools User Experience Survey


I am conducting a survey on user experience for Reftool and Build Tracker. If you have time, please consider filling out the survey with your thoughts. It is completely anonymous with the option to sign with your name for a followup conversation.

This survey is open until July 25th, so if you have feedback you want to give, please get it in before then.



OSU Events Calendar

Starting today, the Service Desk is the first point of contact for the new OSU Events Calendar (Localist) app.

The OSU Events Calendar (Localist) Infosheet has been updated with current escalation instructions. Please review.

The Service Desk will have access to some basic administrative tasks for organization landing pages and events. To grant everyone access to Localist, I need you to login at first. Please do so and ping me on Slack when complete.

There will be a short training available soon on event and organization landing page management. For now, relevant documentation can be found here:

Public-facing Documentation

Internal Technician Documentation: