Status called “Closed – Survey” has been turned off

We have removed the status called “Closed – Survey” from TeamDynamix. It was causing a fair bit of confusion.

The “Closed” status will send a survey now.

Surveys are only sent for tickets with the following primary responsible groups set:

  • Service Desk
  • Service Desk – Extension IT
  • Service Desk – Accounts
  • Service Desk – Recommendations
  • Service Desk – Bench

Note: different surveys are also sent for the following groups:

  • Service Desk – Cascades
  • Web and Mobile (CWS)


Reminder information about how to close a ticket:

  • Closed: means that you and the customer agree the issue is resolved. The customer will receive a survey IF they have not already received one within the past 7 days.
    • Note: the customer sees this status in the email notification from the system. If they reply within 60 days, the ticket will reopen. If you don’t want the customer to see “Closed” in the email from TDx, leave the ticket set to “Open” when you update, and then edit it afterwards to change to Closed.
  • Follow-up with customer – automatic: we think the issue is resolved but the customer has not confirmed yet – OR – we have tried at least three times to get a hold of the customer and they have not responded. The system will send one last reminder email to the customer and automatically closes the ticket at that time. Use with care.
  • Cancelled: the customer has withdrawn their request. Generally only the customer should set this status (you can set it if they specifically ask you to cancel it).
  • Referred: the question was not for us and we directed the customer somewhere else. Use the Referral form.
    • ONLY use this status if you are transferring the ticket to a group not using TeamDynamix (Registrars office, Admissions, etc.)
    • Example – The customer needs to contact the registrars office.
  • Junk e-mail – Closed: Only use this for messages that are junk mail. Do not use for messages from customers about junk mail.



Q: This person does not want to receive a survey!

A: We can exclude them. Let Lucas or Kirsten know.


Q: I am in another group (not listed above) and want to send surveys – how do I do that?

A: Talk to Lucas F to get that setup. No other groups have surveys configured at this time and this change does not affect them.


Q: Why is this change happening?

A: Service Desk technicians were confused about when to use “Closed” versus “Closed-Survey” and we were not being consistent.