TDx Form Changes – “Computer Location”

I have made a number of modifications to the forms we use most often in TeamDynamix.


  • “Computer location” and “customer equipment location” fields have been added on relevant forms.
    • If we take possession of a customer’s computer or equipment, set these fields!
    • If you move a customer’s computer or equipment, set these fields!
  • Status is at the top of (almost) every form now to make it easier to update status quickly.
  • The “Walkup” forms have been disabled.
  • The “Source” field is now required on all of Service Desk forms.
  • The field “Extension customer?” has been renamed to “Extension or AES Off-campus customer?”
  • Many disused fields have been removed.

A breakdown of most of our forms with their fields can be found here:

Lucas and I are working on dismantling the separate reports and desktop for “Walkup” and will create a new report to help us find tickets about personal devices in our possession.

It’s really important that you set the “Computer location” field.

Please set the “Computer Location” field.

I will bake cookies. Really.

Desk Names

Each desk has a name and they will soon be labeled. Maps will be posted soon. For now, here is my quick and dirty map:

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