TeamDynamix group changes – Server Support, Infrastructure, Endpoint Management

Group changes

Between 10am and 11am today, Tuesday April 24th, the following changes to groups will happen.

  • Disable “Server Support”
  • Rename “Shared Infrastructure Group (SIG)” —> “IS Infrastructure (formerly SIG)”

Tickets that previously routed to Server Support will route to “IS Infrastructure”.

New group

A new group exists in TeamDynamix called “Endpoint Management”.

That group helps with tickets and requests related to SCCM, Jamf Casper, Citrix and Active Directory.

Bringing Walkup Customers to 213

Now that we are in our new layout, it is time to start bringing walk-up customers from 201 into the remodeled 213 area.

The following is the threshold for helping customers in 201:

  • Less than 3 minutes: if the customer’s request can be solved in less than 3 minutes, we will help them at the welcome desk in 201. 
    • Examples: Email setup on a phone. Wireless setup.
  • More than 3 minutes: Create the ticket with the brief synopsis of what the customer needs. Ask the customer to wait a moment. Go to 213/213A and find an available technician to help. Bring the tech back to 201 to meet the customer and brief them on the customer’s request.

Student technicians working in 201:

  • Welcome desk: your task is to keep customers flowing and not let people bottleneck at the front. If a problem cannot be solved in under 3 minutes, find a technician in 213/213A to help them. If there are no walk-up customers, work on tickets. No builds at the welcome desk.
  • Desks in 201: your primary task is to answer the phone. If no one in 213/213A is available to help a walk-up customer, you may help them at a desk in 201. If there are no calls, work on tickets or builds.

Student technicians working in 213:

  • Desks in 213/213A: your primary task is to answer the phone. If there are no calls, work on tickets or builds. If a walk-up customer comes in and you are available, AUX your phone and help the customer.


  • Mentors (full time staff) working in 213/213A and 201 will be available to assist technicians helping both walk-up customers and customers on the phone.
  • Mentors will have an orange cone on the end of their desk to indicate they are available to help. 
  • Mentors should also help the welcome desk folks ensure the smooth hand-off of customers to a technician at a desk.

Mentor documentation has been updated here to reflect this change: IS Service Desk Process Guide – Staff Roles

Weekends and Evenings

The above instructions apply to Monday-Friday 8am-5pm hours. During weekend and evening hours, all student technicians should be working in 201 and assisting customers there.



New form field in TeamDynamix

What is happening?

We are adding a new field to TDx forms that the Service Desk fills out on behalf of customers. The new field is called “Tech notes” and will be used to describe the current status of a ticket – what has been done and what needs to be done next.

The goal is to clearly communicate to the user and other technicians:

  • Description – audience is the end-user who is making the request. State the request in the customer’s context. Avoid jargon.
  • Tech Notes – audience is other technicians. Put jargon and “done / doing  / to-do” updates here.

Why the change?

The “Description” field gets emailed to the customer when their ticket is created, as well as when it is modified. As such, putting technical jargon in that field, or next steps for other techs, can be confusing.

Also, the customer’s request generally stays the same throughout the life of the ticket, while the current status and next steps continually change. Using the ticket feed to track next steps is problematic because it is too easy for things to get missed. The Tech Notes field will be more visible than the feed.


You’re killing me with all these TDx form fields…

We are working on removing some unnecessary fields and standardizing across forms. Lucas and I will be reviewing the various “Device” fields soon – many are no longer needed as we can now set Asset on the ticket instead.

Note: not all forms will have the Tech Notes field (yet). It’s a work in progress. Also, while the Tech Notes field is not currently required, it may be required in the future. Get ahead of the game by starting to use it now!

Questions? Feedback?

Please post your thoughts in the #teamdynamix channel in Slack.

Verifying Identity for Duo Bypass Codes

Please do not ask customers to send us a picture of their ID.

The following methods can be used to verify someone’s identify when issuing a bypass code.

Options for verification (not a complete list, and subject to change pending better options):

  • Preferred option: In person. Ask the customer if they can come to Milne 201 and show us their OSU ID or other government issued ID. If they cannot, try one of the other options below.
  • Webex: Ask to do a WebEx session and have the person show you their ID over WebEx. There is no need to store an image from the video session. Simply have them show you their ID and compare it to their face as you would in person.
  • For CN customers: Visit the person in their office and have them show you their ID.
  • Other valid options:
    • You know the person and they are standing in front of you.
    • You know the person calling, they are calling from their number and you recognize their voice.
  • If we cannot verify the person’s identity: make a ticket and add a task assigned to IAM. Let the customer know IAM will get back to them Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM.

Please note: someone telling you their OSU ID number is not sufficient to verify their identity (the information is too easy to find). Be suspicious of anyone readily volunteering information you didn’t ask for, and be suspicious of anyone trying to do an ONID password change and duo bypass at the same time.


Status of Milne Remodel


A big thanks to those of you who helped with our recent office moves, and to everyone for continuing to provide quality service to our customers during this disruption.

Here is the status of the remaining outstanding items:

  • Milne 228 – The conference room is almost back to normal now. A few remaining items need to be put away and most of the old furniture (not the conference room furniture) will be surplused.
  • Milne 203 (ISCS Workroom) – We are in the process of installing a video system for conferencing. The room is usable as-is but is still under construction.
  • Milne 213 – We are working on getting power and network setup to the last cube on the West side of the room. The storage shelves need to be attached to the wall before we start using them. A bulletin board for hanging ID badges and parking tags will be installed on the North wall in the next couple of weeks. We are looking into adding a screen on the North wall as well where we can display call center stats, etc. We have coat hooks on order and they will be installed by the shelves on the West side of the room. We are in the process of ordering an additional sit/stand desk for a staff member in this room.
  • Milne 213A – This room is complete. There has been some discussion about changing the cubicle walls but we do not have budget for that this year.
  • Milne 201 – This room is complete. We may add a screen for displaying phone stats so staff at the triage desk can see how busy 213 is. Angela is working on getting art loaned to us for this space.
  • Milne 213C (Managers area) – We will be installing two new doors into this room, probably in May.
  • Milne 120 (Where Lisa used to be) – Some items, such as the Salmon Bowl laptops, will be stored here. Check with Richard or Lisa before storing any items in this space.
  • Signage – We will be adding sandwich boards to take out into the quad on the South side of the building. There will be additional signage in the West corridor to help direct customers to the new 201 location.

Note: We are not going to add new cabinets under the desks in 213. We will be using the existing file cabinets instead. I realize backpacks are typically too big to fit inside of the file cabinets, so please put your backpacks and other large items under the desk and NOT in corridors. Thank you!