Location of Customer Equipment: Power Adapters


Recently I sent an update about the location of power adapters during a CN build for a new laptop. I said the adapters go with the computer, but it turns out that is only true some of the time.

We actually have a number of adapters (particularly for Dell). If the adapter matches one we already have, the customer’s adapter will stay with the shipping boxes and not go with the laptop during the build. This is to avoid mixing up customer adapters with our own.

I have updated our documentation to indicate that the adapter may be with the computer or with the shipping boxes: Service Desk Guide 11.0 Recommendations and Purchasing

Note: We need to make sure the location of all customer equipment is clearly indicated in the ticket. I am working on updating TeamDynamix to make this clearer. More on this soon.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Ticket Update Reminders


When updating a ticket in TeamDynamix, please be aware of the following:

  • The customer can see the “Description” field. Consider them as your audience when writing the Description. Keep it kind and professional, and as free of jargon as possible. Lucas and I are working on adding a “Technician Notes” field for comments between techs that don’t make sense to the customer.
  • Never use all caps in a ticket update. People reading that will think you are shouting at them. If you need to emphasize something, I recommend **asterisks** (TDx does not currently support rich text in tickets).
  • Check the Notify fields. When updating a ticket, remember to set someone in one of the notification fields. If you don’t, they won’t necessarily see your comment.