Computer Deliveries

There have been some recent changes to the delivery process for customer computer and equipment purchases. Unfortunately, we have had some confusion resulting in misplaced packages and delays.

The new process for receiving equipment has been documented here: Recommendations and Purchasing Process

In particular, note the following about equipment receipt:

  • New equipment will arrive in Milne 201; anyone working in 201 can sign for packages.
  • The equipment should be immediately placed in the mail room at the SE corner of the main floor of Milne. (The “Building Key” in the lock box will open the mail room.)
  • The student technician assigned to the Buyer matches the order to its ticket (the ticket number should be referenced in the PO # on the packages) and completes these steps:
    1. Attaches build sheet to computer.
    2. Sets ticket status to “Open”.
    3. Assigns the ticket to “Service Desk – Build Bench (Group)”.