Build-Tracker Changes


Some minor improvements and changes have been made to Build-Tracker. These changes will go live Friday morning (2/2/18).

Person Interviewed Field:

Interviews will now include a “Person Interviewed” field for situations where the person interviewed is not the customer who will  be using the machine. A checkbox has been provided to autofill this information in the event that the person interviewed is the customer.


Improved Ticket Updates:

Build steps that prompt to update the ticket will now autopopulate information where applicable. In particular, the “Checkoff Complete” template triggered by the last step in the build has been revamped to display much more information without requiring a manual ticket update. (Note: Tickets will still need to be updated from TDx for placement scheduling, etc.)


Inactive Interviews:

Interviews with a completed build will now automatically be marked as inactive and won’t display in the interview list unless the “Show Inactive” switch is enabled.