Why eduroam?

Eduroam is a secure worldwide federated network developed for the research and education community. Participants in eduroam can connect to this network at other institutions by using their home credentials; there is no need for the institution they are visiting to grant them access explicitly. There are currently 564 institutions participating in eduroam including OSU, UO, OHSU, PSU and SOU.

Connecting to eduroam first at the home institution is recommended as any issues with authentication or the certificate can be addressed by on-site staff.

At OSU, the eduroam network is configured exactly like the OSU_Secure network. If we help our users connect to eduroam here and use it as their default wireless network, they will be able to connect to eduroam at any location where it is provided.

Some universities have dropped their institutional WPA network in favor of using eduroam only. OSU may take this route in the future as well. For now, please make users aware of the advantages of using eduroam. They are free to use OSU_Secure instead if they prefer to do so but there is no technical reason that they should.

For more information about eduroam, see:

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