Cached Mode


Ben has turned off the GPO that forces Exchange cached mode in Outlook on Client Services computers. Our default setting will still be for cached mode to be enabled, but we now have the option to disable it for troubleshooting.

This now matches the configuration that all CN customer computers already had.

To see the change immediately, force update of GPO and exit both Outlook and Skype for Business.


Short history:

We required cached mode on Client Services’ computers last year as part of a pilot to roll that change out to the entire CN fleet. That was part of an effort to address intermittent Exchange communication errors that were resulting in nuisance notifications to many customers. Cached mode helped to suppress those notices. However, since the communication issues have been resolved, there is no reason to force cached mode for everyone.

While cached mode generally works just fine, it can sometimes cause problems with calendar and address book sync, so being able to turn it off is an important trouble-shooting step. Generally, leaving it on is preferred.