Duo “remember me” feature enabled – 1/3/2018


On the evening of January 3rd, 2018, IAM enabled the Duo “remember me” function.  Duo users will now see a an optional use “remember me” checkbox on the Duo screen.  This sets a browser cookie that allows the Duo event to be remembered for 12 hours.

Since the remember me function is a browser cookie, it does not apply across different browsers or across private and non-private browsing windows.  The remember me function does not apply to password changes or the Duo device management console.



January 3rd, 2018


If a user has enabled “auto-push” they will need to hit cancel on the blue bar at the bottom of the screen in order to access the remember me checkbox.  As long as the cookie is not deleted, the remember me checkbox will remained checked on future authentication events.  This issue with auto-push and remember me is the number one Duo related call at peer institutions who have enabled this feature.


An KB article has been created in TeamDynamix for this feature, and a possible snag that customers could run into. That article is INTERNAL only at this point.