Tykeson Lab printing update

OSU Cascades IT staff have reinstated the cpads  (print release stations) in Tykeson lab.  Users may be calling with questions on how to use them;  documentation is posted on standing clipboards and lab door for students to follow.  The documentation is also here:

release your print job to the printer

The only issue that is still lingering is that large PDFs printed from Edge are about a 2 minute delay to start printing (and may be slow to print too). If printed outside of Edge (in Adobe, etc) PDFs will print very fast.  Chrome has been set as the default browser so this shouldn’t have too much impact.

Compromised Account Process

I have made some minor updates to the documentation for the compromised account process. Please review:


The main points are:

  • Set the TD form to “Compromised Account”.
  • Ask the customer how they were compromised and record that in the “How Compromised” field (if they know).

I have also updated the ticket triage steps to refer to this section for processing compromised account tickets.