GEM network update


From Chris White, UHDS IT Director:

The updates we did in The Gem yesterday didn’t solve the network issues we’ve been having over there. At this point the problem likely exists due to some offending device connected to the network. We’re going to start monitoring traffic with Wireshark by connecting a computer to the building switch this afternoon. If we don’t find anything immediately obvious it may take few days of logs to figure it out.

So, please have your staff let The Gem residents know, when they call or email, that we are actively working on the issue and that it’s our top priority. These things can just take time to track down.


REMINDER: Name-In-Use Policy

From the desk of Andrew Wheeler:



With the school year getting underway I want to take a moment and remind everyone of how we can help create a welcoming and inclusive environment for our students and the broader OSU Community.

What is the reminder?    

Students and Employees now have the right to use their preferred name. This is outlined in the University’s Name-In-Use policy.

When is this effective?

This policy was announced in February via Inform. A reminder with the kick off of school seems prudent.

Why is the reminder being sent?

With students arriving at OSU this week, it’s possible you’ll get questions about this. We all want to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all of our students, faculty, and staff, so want to be sure you have the right information.

How does this affect me?

If contacted about using a preferred name, please refer to these relevant links:

ONID outlines a name change procedure and I recommend you walk the user through as much of the process as they prefer:

Life@OSU Announcement from January 2017 for additional context:

Simplifying Ticket Types

Based on discussion with Lucas and Max, I am collapsing some of our ticket types. The change will happen this Friday 9/22 after 7PM.

The ticket type “Device or application support” will now replace the following types:

  • Email Support
  • Application/Software support
  • Personal Device support

Existing tickets will be updated to the new ticket type and correct form.

As part of this change, I am also renaming “CN Device Support” to “CN Device or application support”.

Remember: when you start a new ticket, select the correct form first.

To create a ticket for “Device or application support”:

  1. In TD, click on “+ Service Request Form”
  2. When the ticket comes up, set the form to “Device or application support”
  3. If the request is primarily about an application, please select it from the list. Otherwise leave blank.

NOTE: Do not use “Device or application support” for CN requests. We need to be more specific with those requests. The CN form names all start with “CN”.

How do you know if it is a CN request? Here are the three most common cases where you need to pick a CN form:

  • The user is in a CN-supported department and the request is about a university-owned device.
  • The request is related to a CN account or permissions.
  • We are sending a technician on-site (we only do this for CN customers).

Always check RefTool for customer information, and always ask for the CN inventory ID number. It will be on a sticker on the device.

Service Desk Digest 9/13/2017

Upcoming Dates

  • 9/18 – University Day
  • 9/18 – Service Desk visit to OSU-Cascades
  • 9/18-9/19 – Service Desk visiting dining halls for move-in
  • 9/20 – First day of Fall term classes
  • 9/20 – Beaver Fair in the MU Quad

Service Desk Hours

We are on break hours through Saturday, 9/16. Fall term hours begin Sunday, 9/17 and are as follows:

Monday-Friday 8AM-7PM
Weekends 3PM-7PM

Equifax Breach

We may get questions from customers about this. Please read the Information Security Office’s recommendations here:

Search Tips for TeamDynamix KB

The TeamDynamix KB search doesn’t work like Google. When you search for two search terms, it returns any article that contains either term.

To restrict your search, you can do a tag-search by prefixing the term with a hashtag, like this:  #CitrixApps

Tags cannot contain spaces, so multi-word tags will be formatted without a space and with mixed case (e.g. “CitrixApps” rather than “Citrix Apps”).

You can also click on a tag to perform a tag search.

Note: Lucas is participating in a focus group to improve TD’s KB search. We understand that the way search works currently is not ideal and that end-users will expect it to behave more like Google’s search.

Writing Center Move

The Writing Center has moved from Waldo to the main floor of the Library and has a new name: Undergraduate Research & Writing Studio. Students can go there to get help with both research and writing, as well as the technology tools needed to do their work. Drop-ins are welcome.

Reminders for Student Employees

Please check both your ONID email and your Exchange email daily.

Also, make sure that your work preferences are set correctly in WhenToWork. It is your responsibility to check your shift schedule at the beginning of each week and notify us as soon as possible if you cannot make an assigned shift. Scheduling during the first weeks of the term is always hairy; please be part of the solution and not the problem.


TeamDynamix – forms – improvements – “ticket type” set to read only


The “forms” within TeamDynamix have been updated so the “ticket type” is read-only.

This means when you create or edit a ticket and select “form”, the ticket type will be pre-populated and NOT editable. That will also load the attributes for that particular ticket type. Example – application/software support will load an attribute called Application/Software name(s). Filling out the attributes on the tickets will help us improve further.

Reminder – select a “form” when creating or editing a ticket, that will load/show the ticket attributes for that specific form/type.