Updates to CN Windows Image

Please be aware of the following recent changes to the CN Windows 10 image. If you have questions, contact Kirsten Petersen.

Updates to default programs:

  • Email: Outlook 2016
  • Browser: Internet Explorer (IE is still the one browser that works best for most OSU services)
  • PDF: Acrobat DC (Support for Adobe Acrobat XI Pro ends 10/15/2017)
  • Media player: VLC
  • RDP: Remote Desktop Connection
  • OSU home page set as default in IE, Chrome and Firefox (but not yet in Edge).

Start menu clean-up:

  • Taskbar now includes IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Outlook.
  • Links to apps such as Bing News, Bing Weather, etc. have been removed.
  • Search/Cortana and Edge still show and cannot be removed.
  • Now includes just two groups for Office apps and web browsers.

The following Windows apps were not removed and remain provisioned:

  • Alarms and Clock
  • Calculator
  • Camera
  • Cortana
  • Feedback Hub
  • Get Help
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mixed Reality Portal
  • Paint 3D
  • Photos
  • Windows Store
  • View 3D
  • Voice Recorder

The following apps were removed (following discussion with several techs):

  • 46928bounde.EclipseManager
  • ActiproSoftwareLLC.562882FEEB491 (a.k.a. “Code Writer”)
  • AdobeSystemsIncorporated.AdobePhotoshopExpress
  • Microsoft.BingNews
  • Microsoft.BingWeather
  • Microsoft.Getstarted
  • Microsoft.Messaging
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftOfficeHub (“Get Office”)
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftPowerBIForWindows
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollection
  • Microsoft.MicrosoftStickyNotes
  • Microsoft.NetworkSpeedTest
  • Microsoft.Office.OneNote
  • Microsoft.Office.Sway
  • Microsoft.OneConnect (Wifi, Cellular)
  • OneDrive app
  • Microsoft.People
  • Microsoft.RemoteDesktop
  • Microsoft.SkypeApp
  • microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps (a.k.a. “Mail”)
  • Microsoft.WindowsMaps
  • Microsoft.XboxApp
  • Microsoft.ZuneMusic (a.k.a. “Groove Music”)
  • Microsoft.ZuneVideo
  • PandoraMediaInc.29680B314EFC2
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