Computer or Device Name

I forgot to mention one important change I made to our TeamDynamix forms recently.

The “Computer/Device Name” field is now required on the following forms:

  • CN Build/Rebuild
  • CN Customer Move
  • CN Device Support
  • CN Malware Response
  • CN Printer Support

These forms will not allow you to save them without entering something in the device name field. If you really can’t get it for some reason, enter “unknown”. You can also specify “multiple” or “does not apply” as appropriate. Computer/Device Name is not required on the Application/Software Support form, but you should still collect it if you can.

The CN Inventory ID or serial # field is not required, but please do enter it if you have it.

Why Collect Device Name?

Knowing which computer a ticket is about is critical to any sort of follow-up on a ticket. Technicians sent to an on-site appointment may end up wondering “which computer?” when they arrive if that information was not collected in the ticket.

Also, with a device name, we can look the machine up in our ticketing system to see if it has had previous issues. We can look up its warranty information. We can look for it in SCCM or Casper and see what software is installed. A lot of diagnostics information is accessible if we know which device the ticket is about.

Please note: we only need to collect device information for CN-supported devices, not personal devices.


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