TeamDynamix v9.5 software update – April 15th, 2017


TeamDynamix is releasing a new version (9.5) of the software on Saturday April 15th.


During the release, the system will be unavailable on April 15th between 12 AM and 4 AM Eastern Time. TeamDynamix expects the upgrade to take 1 hour and the maintenance window to be 4 hours.

The items that will most impact you are below.

Added – 4/15/2017

Tickets from email, assigning to a group

As part of the 9.5 change, tickets from e-mail now require an automation rule to be assigned to the appropriate group.

Each ticket from e-mail will have an entry like the following.

“Changed Responsibility from “” to “Service Desk” as a result of applying the “service.desk@.o.e – e-mail to group assignment” rule.”

V9.5 Ticket Creation Process

With the new version, “form” replaces the “ticket type” selection. Select the “form” like you would have selected “ticket type”.

Eventually, forms will be configured to have “cascading/conditional” settings to help with easier ticket creation.

Step 1:  From the “+ New” menu select the correct  Incident, Problem, Change, Service Request or Release Form.

Step 2: Fill in the form but if at any time you determine that another request form is more appropriate use the type-ahead Form Selector to easily change the form without losing the data you’ve already entered.

Step 3:  Fill in the form, you may still apply a template, and save the request.

Specific forms can be pinned to the “New” button to allow quicker ticket creation for tickets that are created often.

“+New” Menu Changes – in a ticketing application – IT, Forestry IT, ROOTs IT, InfoSec Office, etc.

1. The “+New” creation menu has been simplified and shortcuts to commonly used ticket forms can be added.

2. Less commonly used setup items have been moved to the Gear menu.

A “form selection” will be at the top of the ticket creation window.

Ticket processing

  1. The previously assigned ticket responsibility gets added to the feed when responsibility changes.
  2. Native ability to open multiple tickets, and ticket creation windows at the same time.
  3. Ticket description and task description limits have been removed.
  4. Template field is now a type ahead.

Ticket reports

“Starts with” and “Ends with” filter options have been added to text based fields.


  1. Revision tracking for Knowledge Base articles
  2. Allow comments/feed on KB articles

Release notes/links

View the release notes (PDF )- TDx – 9.5 release notes

Release notes on TD site (requires TD community site) –

TDx 9.5 webinar (1 hour long) –