NOC moving into TD

The NOC (aka Network Engineering) team are moving into TeamDynamix today for all ticketing.

NOC will not be taking requests via email anymore. DCAs should submit requests via the web form here:

If a DCA calls the Service Desk with a request for NOC, we can make a ticket by using one of the TD templates for “DCA/IT Pro Contact NOC”. The ticket will automatically be assigned to the “Network Operations (NOC)” group.

For tickets from end-users that need to be escalated to NOC, please leave responsible assigned to the Service Desk or a Service Desk technician, and create a task assigned to “Network Operations (NOC)”. The Service Desk are tier 1 for NOC.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Note: this information will be added to the ticket processing section of the Service Desk process guide in ITKnows soon.