Moving To Shared IS Slack Instance

Starting today, we are moving all Client Services Slack channels and members from to The new instance will be shared with all IS, and IT folks from outside IS will still be welcome to join. ISCS employees will begin receiving invites shortly.

The settings are similar to our current instance. Channel creation is restricted to admins. If you want to add or modify a channel, talk to Kirsten. The only integration we appear to be actively using is for Github (in the #development channel). This will be configured in the new instance as well.

I have created most of our channels in osu-it. I took this opportunity to archive some channels that appeared to be unused. Please note that I have collapsed the #cn-bench and #sd-walkup channels into one channel called #sd-walkup-bench. Also, the #development channel has been renamed to #sd-development.

The osu-it Slack instance is currently a free version, but we will be moving to a paid version soon. This allows us to save more files and keep a longer backlog.

Why We Are Moving:

Information Services is currently using at least three different Slack instances for team chat. We would like to collapse this into a single instance to facilitate communication between teams.

IS has not done a full needs assessment and market analysis of team chat tools. This is simply a step in a good direction, but not necessarily the final stop.

Migration Plan:

  • Create our channels in osu-it. This is done.
  • Send invites to all of our Slack members. Please update your clients to connect to the new instance. Note: if you use dual-factor auth, you will need to set that up again in the new instance.
  • Archive channels on
  • Pin a notice in itosu #general saying “we have moved”.
  • Please note I will NOT be moving over files. If there is something in itosu that you want to have in the new instance, please move it yourself.


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