Data migration for International Programs – ISAS and ISFS

Data migration for International Programs – ISAS and ISFS

Date migration is taking place: Wednesday, March 22, 2017 @ 4:00 PM (CN call center may receive calls from International Programs users on the morning of the 23rd).

Possible Impact: 44 users from International Programs.

Locations affected:

\\cn-share\IP\ISAS  (The contents of “ISAS” are being transferred to \\cn-share\IP\OIS\OIS – Student).

\\cn-share\IP\ISFS (The contents of “ISFS” are being transferred to \\cn-share\IP\Restricted\OIS – Scholar).

**User’s shared drive mapping will be unaffected, due to the mapping applying to the root of their share (\\cn-share\IP).**

If users call in: Assist them with accessing the \\cn-share\IP\OIS folder or the \\cn-share\IP\Restricted\OIS – Scholar folders.

Reason for migration: ISAS and ISFS have recently become one unit, International Programs the Office of International Services.  The director of the Office of International Services has requested that we migrate data to a single folder so they can start unifying their processes and content. Due to the sensitive data that is contained within the ISFS folder the ISFS data is being moved over to the restricted share, members of the (former) ISFS team will sort the data and transfer unrestricted contents to the IP OIS folder as needed. Grace Atebe has discussed this with their affected users and have informed them of this change, however we may get calls from International Programs users with questions.


Recent data migration – International Programs ISAS and ISFS
Problem ID: 2837099

Service Desk Digest 3/20/2017

OSU Mobile App Launching Soon

The OSU Mobile App is due to be released starting this week. The IS Service Desk will be the first point-of-contact for questions about this service. We do not expect to get a large number of questions about the app. We will assist with basic usage and escalate all other issues to Web and Mobile Services.

Please review the OSU Mobile App Service InfoSheet and let me know if you have any questions.

Always Make a Ticket

In the past I have made exceptions to the “always make a ticket” rule but that has caught us up short several times recently. If you help a customer via phone or walk-up, you should always make a ticket. If you did not get the customer’s name, please assign the ticket to “Phone Log”.

The following script can be helpful to assure you always get the customer’s name (from section IS Service Desk Process Guide – 3.3 Call Processing Workflow):

Tech: “IS Service Desk, this is <name>. How may I help you?”

<Listen to user request>

Tech: “Okay, before we get started can I get your OSU ID or name?”

Long story short: if you spend any amount of time talking to a customer, please make a ticket.

Walkup Policies

Reminder: our offices are for work only and are not a place to hang out when you are off-shift. This is particularly true in the Service Desk Walkup as we have limited space to help customers and too many people in the room can discourage customers from coming in.

The only people who should be in the Walkup are people currently on-shift or customers.

Techs who are off-shift can be in the call center so long as they are not disruptive and not taking up space needed by people on-shift.

If you need a space to eat or relax, you are welcome to use the couch in 213, or the break room downstairs (please take your food trash to the can outside). If you need a space to do homework, there is an entire lab downstairs full of desks and computers, paid for by student fees. I hear it is run by some nice folks.

Getting Help

The following are some ideas for when you don’t know how to resolve a customer’s request:

  • Review relevant documentation. If you are totally new to the topic, it is a good idea to let the customer know you need to do some research. You can ask them if they want to wait, or be contacted by us later. Get all of the pertinent details before letting them go.
  • Ask a colleague or staff member in your area for assistance. Be prepared to answer the following questions:
    • Who is the customer? Are they an employee, student, affiliate or other? Where are they located? Are they a CN customer?
    • What type of device do they have? Windows or Mac? Laptop, desktop or mobile? What browser?
    • What is the customer trying to do? What error messages did they see? How urgent is this problem or request?
    • What steps have you already tried to resolve the problem?
  • Escalate the issue. If you are not sure what to do and no one is available to assist, let the customer know that you will make a ticket and have someone get back to them. The customer may be disappointed, but this is better than making a guess and being wrong. Make sure all the pertinent information is in the ticket and assign it to “Service Desk – Escalation (Group)”. A supervisor will review the ticket and either reassign it or give you more information to resolve the issue.
  • Communicate with the customer. When you an escalate an issue, you should always send an update to the customer. It may take some time for their request to be resolved, but keeping communication going lets the customer know that we are still working on their request.

Do you have other suggestions? Post them in the comments.



Service Desk Digest 3/14/2017

Ticket Status Changes – Use “Closed-Survey”

Please read Lucas’ post on recent changes to ticket statuses in TeamDynamix. With this change, the standard status for ticket closure is now “Closed – Survey”. If you use “Closed” the requestor will explicitly NOT be surveyed. We chose this wording to avoid confusion for customers.

Reminder: when closing a ticket, please make sure that the customer knows the issue is being closed. If you are not sure, update the ticket and notify the customer to say you are closing the ticket as resolved. Then set the status to “Closed – Survey”.

ITKnows Moving to TeamDynamix KB

We are starting to move articles from ITKnows to the TeamDynamix Knowledge Base. I have met with several techs to walk through the TD KB, and feedback has been largely positive.

The ITKnows articles will be updated with a note indicating they have been moved and a link to the new article location. Everyone should have access to the TD KB – please let me know if you do not.

How to use the KB:

  • To access the KB, go to the TD login page, select the Client portal, then click on “Knowledge Base”.
  • You can also access the KB from within the TDNext portal. Click on the application waffle and choose “Knowledge Base”.
  • Please read the following for more information about writing articles, submitting articles, categories and templates: How to Write a KB Article

Some things to note about TD’s KB:

  • We will be able to keep all of our internal documentation and customer-facing documentation in one place.
  • Articles have ID numbers which are included in the URL.
  • We can assign article owners and set reminders to review content.
  • You can only search for published articles in the search box at the top. To find unpublished articles, Click on “Articles Pending Review”.

I will prepare a short training document on the TD KB soon. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Banner Browser Compatibility

Banner INB does not work with Firefox Rapid Release (52) or newer. We can help customers install Firefox ESR, or encourage them to use Internet Explorer or Safari.

The following information has been added to the Banner InfoSheet:

  • Recommended: The vendor recommends using the latest versions of either Internet Explorer or Safari.
  • Notes for Firefox:
    • Firefox ESR 52 (x86) should work until about 3/5/2018.
    • Firefox Rapid Release (52) and newer do NOT support NPAPI plug-ins and will not work.
    • Firefox (x64) does not support NPAPI plug-ins and will not work.
  • Chrome does NOT work.
  • Edge does NOT work.

Ricoh Pop-up Drivers

We have had a couple of departments contact us today needing to set up the pop-up drivers for new Ricoh copier/scanners. This enables the end-user to enter a code that is used for billing purposes.

See \\is-cifs\Utilities\Ricoh\Ricoh_PCL6_Universal_Popup\ for the latest version of the popup driver.

For more information, please see ticket 2796818.


Moving To Shared IS Slack Instance

Starting today, we are moving all Client Services Slack channels and members from to The new instance will be shared with all IS, and IT folks from outside IS will still be welcome to join. ISCS employees will begin receiving invites shortly.

The settings are similar to our current instance. Channel creation is restricted to admins. If you want to add or modify a channel, talk to Kirsten. The only integration we appear to be actively using is for Github (in the #development channel). This will be configured in the new instance as well.

I have created most of our channels in osu-it. I took this opportunity to archive some channels that appeared to be unused. Please note that I have collapsed the #cn-bench and #sd-walkup channels into one channel called #sd-walkup-bench. Also, the #development channel has been renamed to #sd-development.

The osu-it Slack instance is currently a free version, but we will be moving to a paid version soon. This allows us to save more files and keep a longer backlog.

Why We Are Moving:

Information Services is currently using at least three different Slack instances for team chat. We would like to collapse this into a single instance to facilitate communication between teams.

IS has not done a full needs assessment and market analysis of team chat tools. This is simply a step in a good direction, but not necessarily the final stop.

Migration Plan:

  • Create our channels in osu-it. This is done.
  • Send invites to all of our Slack members. Please update your clients to connect to the new instance. Note: if you use dual-factor auth, you will need to set that up again in the new instance.
  • Archive channels on
  • Pin a notice in itosu #general saying “we have moved”.
  • Please note I will NOT be moving over files. If there is something in itosu that you want to have in the new instance, please move it yourself.


TD ticket status changes – Thursday March 9th, 2017

On Thursday evening, March 9th, 2017, the following status changes will happen.

Scope of change / audience: Ticketing applications – “IT”, “InfoSec Office”

Ticket status changes:

  • “Appointment with Customer” –> “Appointment”
  • “Closed” –> “Closed -Survey”
  • “Closed-Internal/No Survey” –> “Closed”
  • “On hold-External to IT” –> “Escalated-External to TD”
  • “Escalated – See tasks” –> “Escalated-Internal”
    • This will also be an “On-hold” status class and will require a “Goes Off hold” date.

New status – “Scheduled follow-up”. That status is intended to be used for tickets that staff need to follow-up with customers directly either in-person, phone call, etc.