Updated Ricoh Copier Swap Information

The Ricoh copier swaps for campus started yesterday and will continue for the next few weeks. I will be cleaning-up the aftermath as much as I can onsite for campus departments, but the Service Desk will be getting calls from Extension sites, users who were out of the office at the time of the swap, and any other stragglers.

If a user calls in after the swap to get help with getting the new copier added, or getting the old copier removed, just create a standard Service Request and process it as you would any other printer ticket.

I will make an effort to dump the initial ticket for the departments to be swapped on a given day into the sd-callcenter channel in Slack, but if you need find a specific ticket I created a ticket report in TD named ‘SD – Ricoh Copier Swap’ that should have all of the initial tickets in it.

Template hub repaired – templates added to TD

Template hub was repaired – Monday February 27th, 2017 @12:10pm.

Template hub is having problems for some people today – Monday February 27th, 2017.

The server was restarted this weekend to apply security patches. and this was an item didn’t get tested.

I added following templates in TD this morning.

Category – “SD-Field”
– “PC Placement checklist”
– “MAC placement checklist”

Category – “SD- Bench”
– “Checkoff Complete”

If you need additional templates, please let Lucas Friedrichsen know.