Ricoh copier swaps on campus


The Ricoh copier lease contract for the campus is expiring and a new purchase process has been implemented. Ricoh representatives will be working with the Printing and Mailing office to facilitate the transition of the currently deployed copiers with the newer models. The current arrangement we have with P&M to handle copiers in departments we support is as follows:

  • The new copier arrives at P&M for staging.
  • The configuration for the existing printer is copied via the network and applied to the new copier by a Ricoh technician.
  • A ticket is created in TD for the copier swap (either by me or by the copier contact in the department).
  • I enter the new copier in in Cyder, create a new print queue, and spin up a new security group (or rename the one for the old copier if applicable).
  • The placement of the new copier is arranged with the department it is going to and the copier contact in the department is supposed to notify me (this may come in to TD as a standard Service Request).
  • The copier is delivered and installed by a Ricoh technician.
  • I update the queue if needed and have the new GPO is applied to the appropriate OU.
  • Windows users should see the new copier after a restart and not see the old copier. Mac users will need to be reconfigured manually.

Any tickets regarding the swap from previously leased Ricoh copiers to the newly purchased models that are generated by a user contacting us should be assigned to me in TD.

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