TeamDynamix update – 2-3-2017

Lots of items going on with TeamDynamix these days. If there is other information you want to know, please ask Lucas Friedrichsen.

Upcoming changes

  • Banner – TD integration / people record imports/changes
    • This weekend, February 3rd, the integration from Banner to TD is changing for student populations. This will now include students that are eligible to register. There will more people records in TD now.
  • Lance is also checking on people accounts in TD that are set to inactive, but should be active.
  • Notification template improvements – shorter, cleaner look than the table.

Settings changes

  • Employee phone numbers
    • Hyphens were added to help with readability
  • IT Application
    • Reopen tickets within X day(s) of completion/cancellation; create new tickets afterwards
      • Changed from 10 to 30 days.
    • Forestry IT, ROOTs IT application
      • Reopen tickets within X day(s) of completion/cancellation; create new tickets afterwards
        • Changed from 4 to 30 days.

Known problem records for TD

Ticket creation templates

  • Are you making the same ticket repeatedly?
  • Ticket templates can be created to help speed up that process.
  • To make your own template, go into the ticketing application you use
  • Click on “New”
  • Click on “Ticket template”
  • Fill out the fields
  • Do you want to share that with a group?
    • Put in a ticket for OSU TeamDynamix support with the name of the ticket template.

Documentation added to ITKnows

  • Some additional known issues and workarounds
    • Ticket update – more than 10,000 characters
    • Text or images missing from ticket description, when e-mail sent in
    • Ticket update – template overwrites existing text
  • TD service degradation, outage processes

TD – software feature requests

Groups on-boarded

  • Information Security Office
    • Another ticketing application was created for their group
    • Does NOT send a “ticket created” e-mail back to the requestor.
    • Does NOT send a “ticket created” e-mail back to the requestor
  • If you need to escalate to their office
    • Move the ticket into “InfoSec Office” application


  • Client Portal
    • We are close to ready to rollout/market the client portal to customers.
    • This will also involve a change to the Notification Templates that customers receive, including a link to their ticket.
    • Kirsten Petersen, Lucas Friedrichsen and Michael McDonald are working to improve the template e-mails that customers receive.
    • If all goes well, we will turn on the Client Portal on Friday February 10th.
  • Knowledgebase
    • Kirsten Petersen and Jade Trujillo are working on the Knowledgebase in TeamDynamix.
    • She is also talking with other groups outside Client Services about the structure and organization.
  • Asset management
    • Todd Soli, Chris Sinnett, Lucas Friedrichsen and Liv Vitale are looking at Asset / Configuration Item management for Client Services on the hardware side. This would replace the and sunset the old inventory system.
    • Chris Sinnett, Lucas Friedrichsen and Brandon wells are looking at this capability for Telecomm. This functionality is needed for their on-boarding / migration to TeamDynamix.
  • Service Catalog
    • This will be a list of services that customers can request, with specific forms that ask for pertinent information and routes to the appropriate group.
    • Current items
      • Organization/structure refinement for the Service Catalog
      • Building out one Service Catalog category, bringing that info to IS Execs

Groups – the current plan

  • We are also reaching out to groups to see if less complex groups can move into TD faster than the schedule below.
  • Next up – by March 15th, 2017
    • Network Operations
    • Telecomm
  • April
    • Academic Technologies
      • SMS
      • (Canvas)
      • TAC/Clickers
      • Kaltura/Media.o.e
      • Media Services
      • Classroom technologies
    • IS Change Advisory Board – change management process
    • TD change management & change management process
  • May
    • Enterprise Computing Services
      • ECS – ACT
      • ECS – ATO
      • ECS – DAT
      • ECS – Integrated Systems
      • ECS – MIST
    • June
      • Managed Communication Services
      • If Able
        • CAS/ROOTS IT
        • Forestry IT