Updated Ricoh Copier Swap Information

The Ricoh copier swaps for campus started yesterday and will continue for the next few weeks. I will be cleaning-up the aftermath as much as I can onsite for campus departments, but the Service Desk will be getting calls from Extension sites, users who were out of the office at the time of the swap, and any other stragglers.

If a user calls in after the swap to get help with getting the new copier added, or getting the old copier removed, just create a standard Service Request and process it as you would any other printer ticket.

I will make an effort to dump the initial ticket for the departments to be swapped on a given day into the sd-callcenter channel in Slack, but if you need find a specific ticket I created a ticket report in TD named ‘SD – Ricoh Copier Swap’ that should have all of the initial tickets in it.

Template hub repaired – templates added to TD

Template hub was repaired – Monday February 27th, 2017 @12:10pm.

Template hub is having problems for some people today – Monday February 27th, 2017.

The server was restarted this weekend to apply security patches. and this was an item didn’t get tested.

I added following templates in TD this morning.

Category – “SD-Field”
– “PC Placement checklist”
– “MAC placement checklist”

Category – “SD- Bench”
– “Checkoff Complete”

If you need additional templates, please let Lucas Friedrichsen know.

Ricoh copier swaps on campus


The Ricoh copier lease contract for the campus is expiring and a new purchase process has been implemented. Ricoh representatives will be working with the Printing and Mailing office to facilitate the transition of the currently deployed copiers with the newer models. The current arrangement we have with P&M to handle copiers in departments we support is as follows:

  • The new copier arrives at P&M for staging.
  • The configuration for the existing printer is copied via the network and applied to the new copier by a Ricoh technician.
  • A ticket is created in TD for the copier swap (either by me or by the copier contact in the department).
  • I enter the new copier in in Cyder, create a new print queue, and spin up a new security group (or rename the one for the old copier if applicable).
  • The placement of the new copier is arranged with the department it is going to and the copier contact in the department is supposed to notify me (this may come in to TD as a standard Service Request).
  • The copier is delivered and installed by a Ricoh technician.
  • I update the queue if needed and have the new GPO is applied to the appropriate OU.
  • Windows users should see the new copier after a restart and not see the old copier. Mac users will need to be reconfigured manually.

Any tickets regarding the swap from previously leased Ricoh copiers to the newly purchased models that are generated by a user contacting us should be assigned to me in TD.

Data breach notification – 2-24-2017


Background – A “data breach notification” email went to customers today from a Security Analyst in the Information Security office.

A service called CloudFlare was impacted.

Per standard procedure, please call the customer first. If you don’t connect with them, leave a voicemail and send them the e-mail template.

Ticket update / e-mail template

That has been added to the ticket update templates under “Spam/phishing” called “Data breach 2-24-2017”

The contents of that e-mail template is below. A standard response for discussions with customers/e-mail template is below.

As expressed in the voice mail I left you, this is a legitimate concern. The message about “data breach” is legitimate.

A key common technology used by the list of websites you saw in the email was compromised. We recommend changing the passwords on those sites if you use *any* of them. Our previous message by no means implies you use all of those sites, you do probably use at least one of them.

If used the same password for any other account, including your Oregon State account, please change your password for those accounts as well.

Please give us a call if you have questions or need further information.

The master ticket is here:


Please link tickets to it.

Langton New Core Move

Langton hall will be moving to the new core network this evening. This is a relatively small migration (around 40 hosts and three printers), covering Kidspirit and BPHS. After the move, hosts for either department should end up in the CN_IRS or CN_Printers container, in the “Small buildings” site (this “site” covers buildings not large enough to have their own switch). More details are available in the TD ticket, #2683198.

Changes to CN Request Forms

Please note that I have made the following changes to CN request forms:

  • Occasionally technicians ask customers to fill out a form and would like to be notified when this happens. To facilitate that, I have added a field called “Technician to notify” at the bottom of all of the Drupal forms. If you see a ticket come in with that field set, please set Responsible to the designated technician.
  • Some forms had instructions to technicians in the form output. As this ends up in the ticket description and is emailed to the customer, I decided it was a bit awkward to include there. I have removed these instructions for now.
  • With one exception, I have removed this text from the email as it is also visible to the customer (and confusing): “The results of this submission may be viewed at: [submission:url]”



Windows Imaging Server (ISCS-MDT) Updates

The Windows imaging server (ISCS-MDT) has been updated to include the Campus Labs Windows 7 image and all software included on that image. If lab computers come to the build bench for any reason and need to be re-imaged you can PXE boot to MDT as you normally would and select the Windows 7 master image under the Campus Labs section.

Task sequences are now associated with IP subnet. For example, if a computer PXE boots on the CN or ROOTS build bench you will see the task sequence selection screen. If a computer PXE boots in one of the computer labs MDT will perform what’s called a “zero-touch” installation and automatically re-image the computer. This assumes the IP range or individual workstations in Cyder are pointed at the OSU-MDT-PXE workgroup.

DocuSign is Live

DocuSign is now in production and being used by the Food Innovation Center. Other groups will be added gradually. The IS Service Desk will provide tier 1 support for DocuSign.

DocuSign Training: Please watch the videos on the DocuSign training page in the sections “Overview”, “Signing” and “Sending”. Total time to watch the videos is about 15 minutes. I also recommend glancing through the DocuSign User Guide.

For information on the implementation, see the DocuSign project page. For information about escalating DocuSign requests see the DocuSign InfoSheet in ITKnows.


If you have any questions about this new service, please contact Kirsten Petersen.


TD changes – 2/14 – Client Portal, e-mail templates

Some upcoming changes are happening in TeamDynamix on 2/14/2017.

Thanks for your feedback/input about ideas to change and improve TD.

Tuesday 2/14/2017

Scope of change / audience: Ticketing applications – “Forestry IT, ROOTs IT”

Ticket comments – public by default

COF Tools – link added to create New Service Request

ROOTs IT tools – link added to create New Service Request

Client Portal enabled

Scope/audience: All OSU customers, IS Client Services, IS Server Support, IS Web and Mobile Services, Forestry IT, ROOTs IT.

The TeamDynamix Client Portal will be enabled on Tuesday February 14th.

This portal allows customers to see and update all of the tickets you created, or are set as the requestor on.  Eventually the Client Portal will contain a list of services that customers can request, which will flow directly to the appropriate group.

Please note, only ONID accounts are able to log in to view and update the tickets. You can access the TeamDynamix client portal
at http://oregonstate.teamdynamix.com

The home page on TD was designed primarily by Michael McDonald, IS Communications Manager.

Documentation about the TD Client Portal can be found here:

E-mail template changes

Scope of change / audience: Ticketing applications – “IT”, “InfoSec Office”, “InfoSec – Confidential”

The following will be added at the top of the HTML table on e-mail notifications.

View / update your ticket
Respond to this e-mail or view/update at the link below. (OSU account required for login)


Example is below –

Scope of change / audience: Ticketing applications – “Forestry IT, ROOTs IT”

At least the following blurb will be added to the e-mail notification templates.

“Update your ticket by responding to this e-mail or at the link below. (OSU account required for login) ”

Example is below –

Service Desk Digest 2/9/2017

Refrigerator Cleanup

The small refrigerator in Milne 213 has been moved to the field area (Northwest corner of the room) and will be re-purposed as a soda fridge starting next week.

Sodas will be available to purchase for 50 cents and energy drinks for $2. The proceeds will be used to buy more sodas and to save up some money for future food-related goodness (e.g. pizza parties).

Please remove any food or containers you have in this fridge before Friday, 2/10 at 5PM. At that time, anything left in the fridge will be thrown away.

You may use the fridge in the staff room downstairs next to the elevator. Starting next week, the room will be unlocked from 8AM to 5PM. To access the room before then, ask Max or Kirsten for a key.

JSB Site Visits

Some of us will be spending some mornings (8am-11am) out at JSB for the next couple of months. The goal is to do a better job of sharing information between Client Services and Infrastructure and Net/Telecom teams. The schedule for the next few weeks is as follows. If you have items you would like brought up with folks out at JSB, let us know.

Feb 13-Feb 17 Kirsten
Feb 20-Feb 24 Kirsten
Feb 27-Mar 3 Richard
Mar 6-Mar 10 Chris
Mar 13-Mar 17 Lucas
Mar 20-Mar 24 Max
Mar 27-Mar 31 Kirsten
Apr 3-Apr 7 Chris
Apr 10-Apr 14 Lucas
Apr 17-Apr 21 Richard

Reminder about Legacy ONID Email

Reminder: the legacy ONID mail system (Cyrus, ONID Webmail) is still a production system being maintained by Identity & Infrastructure. While it is generally recommended that people use Gmail or Exchange instead of Cyrus, please do not refer to this system as defunct or out-of-date, as that may give the incorrect impression that it is not secure or reliable. It is okay to refer to the system as the “Legacy ONID email system”.

Reminder to Set Ticket Type

I am still seeing a lot of tickets closed in TD with their type set to “intake”. Please remember to always set an appropriate ticket type. You can click on the magnifying glass next to ticket type to see more information about what each type means.

IS Food Drive 2017

There is a box next to the water cooler for collecting nonperishable food donations for the food drive.

If you would like to donate items for the silent auction, please bring those to Chris Sinnett by the end of the day Friday, February 10.