Ballard New Core Status

We’re “complete” with the new core cutover for our customers in Ballard. As part of the building remodel, new core gear was installed in a new switch closet on the third floor, and is set up in parallel with the old core gear (new ports in all the offices, etc). The old core gear is scheduled to be turned off and removed sometime over the winter break. At this point, there are just a couple things left to do:

  • There are a couple ports that need to be patched in the switch closet by Telecom
  • Folks who have been out of the office with a laptop (or machines we were otherwise unable to get into with the customer there) will need to call in to get printers fixed.

The TD ticket with all of the printer info on the migration is #2291635 – if customers call in needing to have their printers fixed, this should be a quick thing over the phone. If we need to actually move someone to a new core port (e.g. they’re on 128.193.x.y space), that can be a standard field job if the customer isn’t comfortable moving to the new network jack (There are spare patch cables in the new switch closet, 328A)

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