Some Kudos from Customers

Kudos! From recent customer surveys. Great job, team!


For Michael Todd: “it was really helpful and the technician was so useful and respectful” (5/5)

For Max Cohen: “very polite, helpful and timely with reach out and assistance ” (5/5)

For Robin Castle and Pat McCrary: “no suggestions” (5/5)

For Robin Castle: (5/5)

For Robert Hudspeth and Russ Born: (5/5)

For Alex Schultz and John Pelkey: “I appreciate the quick acknowledgement of the problem and followup on the fix.” (5/5)

For Kien Tran and John Pelkey: “He was fantastic, very helpful, and thorough.” (5/5)

For Joey Orton: “the technician was very professional and seemed to know what he was doing.” (4/5)

For Pat McCrary: “Patrick was great. Super helpful and got the job done quick. He even came back twice to pick up the old docking station, because I wasn’t around the first time. Thanks! ” (5/5)

For Christopher Johnson, Joan Cheung and Nathan Carrasco: (5/5)

For Joan Cheung and ??: “Both technicians were friendly and professional ” (5/5)

For Ryan McDowell and Maddy Carmel: (5/5)

For Russ Born: “Very friendly and willing to assist.”

For Pat McCrary: “Patrick is great! Efficient and patient.” (5/5)

For Gina Phipps: Outstanding, professional, prompt, knowledgeable; eager to assist in resolving my tech issues. The entire team was terrific” (5/5)

For Max Cohen: “Thank you!” (5/5)

For Christina Mueller, Jeff Bonnichsen, Spencer Hutchison, Matthew Goodlett and Jacob Haley: (5/5)

For John Pelkey: “He was pleasant, listened well, solved the problem and offered some good tips for using Box. It was a fully successful experience.” (5/5)

For Gina Phipps: “Gina was a great help. The whole process took a while, and she was patient and pleasant the whole time.” (5/5)

For Michael Carr: “Very helpful, not condescending when I didn’t know basic computer terms. Made a bad situation better.” (5/5)