Software Install Best Practices and Reporting Issues

Team: we have some inconsistencies with how we are doing software installations for customers. To address that, Jade is working on a  recommended best practice document for the software packages we install most often; it will be in ITKnows shortly.

Please note: the preferred method for installing Office 2016 ad-hoc is to do so via Software Center.  

If you install Office 2016 via \\ instead, you will need to update the shortcut for Skype for Business in the start menu as it will be broken otherwise.

If you run into issues doing a software install or with other processes, please do the following:

  • Split a ticket and describe the issue
  • Set Max Cohen as responsible

Thank you!

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3 thoughts on “Software Install Best Practices and Reporting Issues”

  1. “Please note: the preferred method for installing Office 2016 ad-hoc is to so via Software Center”

    Why is this the preferred method? Especially when it breaks the link to Skype for Business.

    1. I changed the wording on that a bit to hopefully clarify the issue.
      Software Center=works
      From the \\software.o.e share = you have to fix the Skype shortcut

  2. Hey Pat – it’s apparently the opposite. Installing from \\software.o.e will result in a broken Skype shortcut. Installing from Software Center does not (according to Jim G. and Todd).

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