Rebuilds and troubleshooting

Before we schedule a computer rebuild, we need to investigate and determine that there is a legitimate need for rebuild.  In many cases we can get the computer to the standard the customer needs without rebuilding.  Legitimate needs for rebuild include:

  • Machine has been offline for a long time and needs tons of updates, Office needs to be upgraded, machine is still running SEP, etc.
  • Persistent issues with the machine that are still problematic after troubleshooting
  • Malware infection
  • Operating System change

In particular we should not be scheduling rebuilds just because a computer is running slowly or being transferred to a new user- we can troubleshoot performance issues and clean up unnecessary profiles faster and easier than doing a rebuild.

When doing troubleshooting, it’s vital to include the steps taken as part of the troubleshoot in your ticket updates.  The machine details (specifically hostname and inventory ID) are required information; using the template but not entering those details is not sufficient.  Failing to include troubleshooting steps or machine details in the ticket will be considered a performance issue.

Finally, if you schedule a machine to be picked up for hardware troubleshooting at the build bench, please specifically state this in the ticket and highlight that line so it’s very visible to Field and Bench staff.

Let me know if you have questions.