Call Center Update – 6/15/2016

The merger of the OCH and CN call centers seems to have gone well.

As Andrew put it: “What better test of the new call center than a huge outage.”

We coordinated incident response for two major outages.

We took 202 calls with only 7 abandons (average abandon time 19 seconds).

The CN Base queue has 9 open tickets and the OSU Computer Helpdesk queue is empty.

Build bench got busy today. There are 20 builds in process; 16 of these were worked today.

We had 14 field appointments: 7 pick-ups for build/rebuild, 4 placements, and 3 troubleshoots.

Accounts queue is a bit backed up with new requests, but we made progress on it; 41 accounts tickets were modified today.

In addition: 24 doughnuts and 12 muffins were consumed, as well as untold quantities of caffeine.

Despite all that, existential angst was at an all-time low today. (I’m looking at you, Keenan.)

Team: great job. I can’t say it enough. I’m really impressed at what you all can do.

Tomorrow: there will be bagels!