Call Center Digest – 6/8/2016

Some quick updates pertinent to the call center.

OSU Cascades

Did you know that OSU has a branch campus in Bend, Oregon called “OSU Cascades”?

The most common criticism from OSU Cascades customers is that when they call, we don’t seem to know who or where they are. All employees and students at OSU Cascades are our customers, and we have staff on-site in Bend to assist with desk-side visits. (They are Greg Chilcote and Shannon Osborne.)


Please see the OSU Cascades site to learn more. There will be a quiz later.

County Extension Offices and Ag Experiment Stations

Did you know that we have different processes in place for supporting the County Extension Offices and Ag Experiment Stations (AES)? We do not generally have the option to do desk-side visits for these remote customers, so most support is via phone and ScreenConnect sessions.

Lisa Gillis does purchasing for Extension and AES, and customers should be advised to work with her directly on all drop-off and pick-up arrangements. Lisa also does recommendations and e-quotes for Extension and AES.

Wayne Jardine does network troubleshooting for these remote sites. We can also report network outages directly to NERO at  Known NERO outages are posted on their website.

More documentation on Extension support workflows coming to ITKnows soon.


The Box pilot went live June 1, and testers are being instructed to contact the Service Desk for tier 1 support. Issues we cannot resolve should be escalated to Steve Fowler; set him responsible, inform him on the ticket and leave the ticket in the OSU Computer Helpdesk queue.

There are 71 test users in the Box pilot at this time. Most questions have been about basic usage and policy. The Box implementation team is not adding new testers at this time.

Infosheet for Box in ITKnows


Usage of MediaSpace/Kaltura has increased dramatically since its integration with Canvas. Tier 1 requests will come to the Service Desk, but as this is a complex application, we will only be able to answer basic questions. Escalations go to Please use the “Media Space” template in template hub.

Infosheet for MediaSpace/Kaltura

Important fact of the day:

This Saturday, OSU will graduate a record-breaking number of students: 6,406 people.  Roughly 10% of those students are distance students. OSU is still one of the few large universities to hand an individual diploma to each graduate as they cross the stage. That’s really, really cool.



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