Call Center Merger – June 15, 2016

On the evening of Tuesday, June 14, our friends at Telecom will be making a change to our call center configuration. All calls to 73474 and 78787 will route to the same menu. Callers will hear a recording letting them know we are now called the “Service Desk”. They will be prompted to either stay on the line for the next available technician, or press a button to leave voice mail.

On Wednesday morning, all staff in the call center will sign into the 111 split:

  • To sign into the phones: #540111<your code>
  • To sign out of the phones: #560111

Please answer the phone “Service Desk. This is <name>. How may I help you?”

New tickets should generally be created in the “OSU Computer Helpdesk” queue. (This may be renamed to “Service Desk” in the near future.)

To ease the transition, we will have additional full-time staff working in the call center Wednesday through Friday to assist technicians in the phones.

In preparation for this change, we are working to improve documentation in ITKnows on common workflows for CN and OCH. If you run into something you don’t know how to do, your first stop should be the ITKnows site.

If you find that something is missing from ITKnows, you can propose a new document, or contact me, Max Cohen or Keenan Carr to request that one be created.

I will be sending an announcement to CN customers shortly to give them a heads up.

What’s in it for our customers?

  • A single point of contact for getting technical support.
  • Shorter hold times waiting for an available technician.
  • Faster resolution of issues over the phone.
  • Increased coverage hours: the call center will be open Mondays thru Thursdays 8AM-7PM, Fridays 8AM-5PM. (Weekend hours are currently under consideration.)

This week I will be working on testing the new phone configuration, updating our internal documentation, communicating to customers, and updating our Coho signatures, survey text, and voicemail greeting. The Coho queues “OSU Computer Helpdesk” and “CN Base” will continue to be separate for now, although Max and I are discussing plans for changing that.