Facilities and Administration SAS IT Share move

FYI, we’re moving the F&A SAS IT share from ISCS-Data to a new NetApp share tonight.  The move should be fairly transparent to the customers as Ben has an update GPO that will properly map their drives.  Please note the new share location is <\\fa.sig.oregonstate.edu\fa>

While this move only affects a few people we’ll eventually be moving all of F&A’s data to the new share.


From: Sinnett, Chris
Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2016 2:55 PM
To: Henriques, Alejandro <Hondo.Henriques@oregonstate.edu>; Roberts, Andy <Andy.Roberts@oregonstate.edu>; Winklepleck, Ryan <Ryan.Winklepleck@oregonstate.edu>; Norred, Martin Ray <martin.norred@oregonstate.edu>; Sellers, Kevin <Kevin.Sellers@oregonstate.edu>; Jordan, Nicholas <Nicholas.Jordan@oregonstate.edu>
Cc: Community Network <CN.Help@oregonstate.edu>
Subject: IMPORTANT: SAS IT Share move tonight!
Importance: High

SAS IT customers,

Please read this e-mail in its entirety.

This evening the Community Network will move your shared data from the ISCS-Data server to a new dedicated F&A share (\\fa.sig.oregonstate.edu\fa)

Who:                This will affect everyone in SAS IT

What:               The Community Network will transfer your network data to new storage

When:              Thursday, February 4th, after 5:00 PM

What you need to do:  Please save your work, close your files, and log out of your computer before 5:00 PM this evening.

When you log in tomorrow your computer will reconnect to the new FA share.  Shortcuts, links, or recently used documents in your applications will be broken when you attempt to use them after the move.  Please use the File -> Open menu to locate your files in their new location.  Once you’ve opened the file, the new entry in recently used documents will be functional again.

Please contact Community Network at 7-8787 if you feel that any files are missing or if you need assistance.

Thank you for your patience while we transfer your files the new storage solution.

Your Community Network Support Team

Community Network

IS Client Services

Oregon State University

(541) 737-8787


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