Unifications 2-29

The following customers will be unified the evening of 2-29:

Career Services
Moore, Marian (moorema –> mooremar)

Tolar Burton, Vicki

Byrne, John

Ball, Daniel A
Machado, Stephen

Dewitt, Christina
Park, Jae W (parkjae –> parkj3)
Su, Yi-Cheng

Kennedy, Pat (kennedyp –> kennepat)

College of Ag – Dean’s Office
Loper, Joyce

College of Pharmacy
Gross, Michael

Savonen, Carol

F&A Administration
Adams, Ronald (adamsrl –> adamsron)
Green, Michael

Business Affairs
Dickason, Jessica

Wolcott, Lori

Facilities Services
Formiga, Sergio

Straley, Brandon

Hoffman, Carson

Office of the Registrar
Leong, Laura (leongl –> leongla)

Extended Campus
Ulman, Bethany

Ext Jefferson
Boley, Sandra (boleys –> boleysa)

Ext Warm Springs
Beamer, Bethann
Rogers, Sara (smithsar –> smithsa6)

Space Grant
Milstein, Randall

Student Affairs Communications & Marketing
Boyd, Carolyn

Diversity & Cultural Engagement
Jason J. Dorsette (dorsettej –> dorsettj)

Healthy Campus Initiatives
Govier, Diana

Writing Center
Walters, Samantha (walterss –> waltesam)


Tonight @ 10 PM we will be pushing an SCCM package to remove bad patch KB3114717 from Windows computers with Office 2013 32-bit or 64-bit installed. This push will not force a reboot.

Note: This patch has already been removed from WSUS and has been added to MDT for the build bench to run after builds have been completed.

This push will impact the following computers:

Devices with KB3114717 on Office 32-bit – SCCM Detailed Report
Devices with KB3114717 on Office 64-bit – SCCM Detailed Report

Unifications 2-15

The following customers will be unified the evening of 2-15:

Academic Programs
Beach, Gary
Dirks, Beverly
Hagey, Cheryl
Hayes, Chrysanthemum
Henry, Heath

Academic Success Center
Anderson, Heather

Board of Trustees
Colbert, Debbie
Stuart, Marcia

Falck, Stephanie

Childs, Dan
Zita, Cory

Hathaway, Ron

Sugar, David

Andrade-Diaz, Maria (andradema –> andradma)

Hebert, Vicki

Transportation Services
Fraser-Hevlin, Breanna

Avery, Bonnie
Webster, Janet (websterj –> webstjan)

Ext Coos
Peters, Amy (petersa –> petersam)

Ext Curry
Wallace, Briana (wallacebri –> wallaceb)

Ext Douglas
Hatfield, Mandy (hatfielma –> ruhna)

FCH Portland
Anslow, Shara
Costello, Janet (costellj –> costelja)
East, Pat
Ivey, Carol
Jones, Courtney (jonescou –> wheelerc)
Lyford, Joanne
Macy, Danita
Page, Tobi
Rairigh, Kelsey

Ext Jefferson
Davis, Olivia
Hiaasen, Kristine

Ext Linn
Drager, Antonia

Ext Marion
Johnson, Tonya (johnsont –> johnsoto)

Ext Umatilla
Kaiser, Clive

Ext Yamhill
Stoven, Heather

Healthy Campus Initiatives
Hoogesteger, Lisa

Writing Center
Horton, Kaely


The following applications will be updated tonight via Ninite:

Flash IE + Firefox: -> (details)
Java: 8.0.710.5 -> 8.0.730.2 (details)
VLC: 2.2.1 -> 2.2.2 (details)

Internet Explorer 11 has been re-approved on the new WSUS server. A little over 2,000 computers should be receiving this update; customers have been notified.

All Windows users can expect to see ~1GB of updates, the majority of which are for Microsoft Office (details).

Note: These updates do require a reboot.

No issues to report.

Unifications 2-8

The following customers will have their accounts unified on the evening of 2-8:

Office of the President
Khachikian, Crist

Pre-College Programs
Brown, Carol (browncar –> browcaro)
Fuller, Lindsey
Hickey, Dennis
Keegan, Ellen
Rodriguez, Carole

Research Office
Angelos, Sam

Java 8u73 firewall updates

Firewall exceptions for Java 8u73 have been added for machines joined to the CN domain. The majority of the fleet should update tomorrow evening as part of regular Tuesday updates, but it’s possible that folks may have already updated.

Exceptions for Java 8u65 and 8u66 have been removed from the firewall policy.

Internet Explorer Upgrade, Windows updates – evening Tuesday February 9th.

Sent to all CN customers

From: Community Network
Sent: Friday, February 05, 2016 1:49 PM
To: Community Network Off Campus All <CommunityNetworkOffCampusAll@oregonstate.edu>; Community Network On Campus All <CommunityNetworkOnCampusAll@oregonstate.edu>
Cc: Community Network <CN.Help@oregonstate.edu>
Subject: IMPORTANT: Internet Explorer Upgrade Tuesday night!

Dear CN Customers,

In addition to regular Windows Updates, Community Network will upgrade all supported Windows computers to Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) during our normal Patch Tuesday updates this Tuesday, February 9th, 2016.  This upgrade is necessary as Microsoft ended support for prior versions of Internet Explorer earlier this month.  Internet Explorer is already installed on approximately half of our supported systems and is fully compatible with all of our Enterprise apps (Banner, Nolij, etc.)

When:  From 10:00 PM Tuesday, February 9th, 2016, to 7:00 AM, Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

What do I need to do?   Please save your work, close all files and log out of your computer before you leave work on Tuesday night.  The Windows updates and IE 11 upgrade will install on Wednesday morning if you forget to leave your computer on the previous evening; a reboot will occur as part of the update/upgrade process.

If you forget to log out, the Windows updates and IE 11 upgrade will be applied, after which your computer will automatically restart. When you arrive to use the computer the next morning, it will be at the login screen.  Any files were left open and not saved could be lost.

Mac computers running Windows virtual machines in Parallels, BootCamp, VirtualBox:  Please save your work, close all files and log out of Windows and leave the software running at the Windows login screen before you leave work on Tuesday night.  Windows updates and IE 11 will be installed on Wednesday morning (or the next time you run your virtual machine) if you forget to leave your virtual machine running on Tuesday evening.

Services affected:  All Windows computers will receive Windows Updates.

Windows computers running older versions of Internet Explorer will be upgraded to Internet Explorer 11. Your bookmarks will be retained.  Please note that special add-ons that worked in previous versions of Internet Explorer may not work with IE 11.

Thank you for your patience while we perform this important maintenance.

Your Community Network support team

Community Network

Information Services, Oregon State University


(541) 737-8787 Option 2

Facilities and Administration SAS IT Share move

FYI, we’re moving the F&A SAS IT share from ISCS-Data to a new NetApp share tonight.  The move should be fairly transparent to the customers as Ben has an update GPO that will properly map their drives.  Please note the new share location is <\\fa.sig.oregonstate.edu\fa>

While this move only affects a few people we’ll eventually be moving all of F&A’s data to the new share.


From: Sinnett, Chris
Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2016 2:55 PM
To: Henriques, Alejandro <Hondo.Henriques@oregonstate.edu>; Roberts, Andy <Andy.Roberts@oregonstate.edu>; Winklepleck, Ryan <Ryan.Winklepleck@oregonstate.edu>; Norred, Martin Ray <martin.norred@oregonstate.edu>; Sellers, Kevin <Kevin.Sellers@oregonstate.edu>; Jordan, Nicholas <Nicholas.Jordan@oregonstate.edu>
Cc: Community Network <CN.Help@oregonstate.edu>
Subject: IMPORTANT: SAS IT Share move tonight!
Importance: High

SAS IT customers,

Please read this e-mail in its entirety.

This evening the Community Network will move your shared data from the ISCS-Data server to a new dedicated F&A share (\\fa.sig.oregonstate.edu\fa)

Who:                This will affect everyone in SAS IT

What:               The Community Network will transfer your network data to new storage

When:              Thursday, February 4th, after 5:00 PM

What you need to do:  Please save your work, close your files, and log out of your computer before 5:00 PM this evening.

When you log in tomorrow your computer will reconnect to the new FA share.  Shortcuts, links, or recently used documents in your applications will be broken when you attempt to use them after the move.  Please use the File -> Open menu to locate your files in their new location.  Once you’ve opened the file, the new entry in recently used documents will be functional again.

Please contact Community Network at 7-8787 if you feel that any files are missing or if you need assistance.

Thank you for your patience while we transfer your files the new storage solution.

Your Community Network Support Team

Community Network

IS Client Services

Oregon State University

(541) 737-8787


Unifications 2-3

The following customers will be unified the evening of 2-3. Because this is largely a ‘straggler’ batch (folks who were omitted from previous batches for one reason or another), both the exchange account and ONID account were explicitly notified.

Alumni Relations
Stotts, Jen

Cascades Campus
Betz, Deborah
Coehlo, Deborah
Conti, Cynthia
Fischer, Cameron
Reed, Lura (lreed –> reedl)

Phillips, Susan (phillips –> philipsu)

Asbell, Ann
Bolden, David (david.bolden –> boldend)
Drake, Mindy
Lachenbruch, Peter
Soleau, Carol (soleauc –> soleauca)
Vaughan, Amelia

Boatner, Julie (boatnerj –> boatneju)
Laizure, Elaine
Pease, Helen
Russell, Randy (russellr –> russelra)

Adams, Vince
Armington, Amanda
Booth, Carolyn
Caplan, Shannon
Crowley, Teresa (crowleyt –> crowlete)
Draper, Brenda (draperb –> drapebre)
Dursch, Gretchen
Gramlow, Leah
Hilberg, Evan
Jones, Erin (jonese –> jonese3)
Kidwell, Amanda
Murray, Jill (murrayj –> millsj)
Renfro, Debi
Schrumpf, Elaine
Spell, Lindsay
Torgerson, Melissa
Vasdev, Sunita (vasdevs –> vasdevsu)
Washburn, Bridget
Winfield, Tammy

Acock, Alan (acocka –> acock)
Dyer Jr., Gerald
Eash, Leslie
Faith, Jennifer
Galardi, Tasha
Lile, Joy (lilej –> lilejo)
McFarland, Chris
McKay, Virginia
Robinson, Matthew
Rosenkoetter, Sharon (rosens –> rosenkos)
Ross, Tamara
Scott, Celeste
Seifert, Nancy
Tricker, Ray
Vuchinich, Samuel
Wicks, Steve (wickss –> wicksst)

College of Pharmacy
Block, John

Finance & Admin
Powell, Linda (powelll –> powellli)
Lewis, Jan (lewisja –> lewisjan)
Rose, Melanie (rosem –> roseme)

Emergency Management
Bamberger, Michael

Environmental Health & Safety
Greenwalt, Ben
Harlan, Daniel L (danh –> harland)
Horn, David
Jones, Lance (lancej –> joneslan)
Keller, Terese (kellert –> kellerte)
Kenst, Andrew
Kermoyan, Dan (kermoyand –> kermoyad)
Lanning, Kent (lanningk –> lanniken)
Lilley, Brian
Miller, Kay L (kaym –> millekay)
Paul, Jenette
Philpott, Matthew
Schoonover, Pete (petes –> schoonop)
Sreniawski, Michael
Strampel, Tyler (strampet –> strampty)

Parking Office
Andersson, Tanya (andersst –> andersta)
Bennett, Joshua
Glenn, Russell (glennr –> glennru)
Johnson, Diane
Kemper, Hank (hankk –> kemperh)
Siewell, Lori
Wake, Keith (keithw –> wakem)
Wirth, Mark (markw –> wirthm)
Zandonella, Mark

Risk Management
Choate, Patricia
Hughes, Patrick (hughesp –> hughespa)
Kaufman, Ygal
McKnight, Christina

Transportation Services
Williams, Meredith (williame –> willimer)

Academic Technologies
Cui, Jianqing
Day, Jacob

International Programs
Thomas, Kerry (thomask –> milleker)

Fantacone, Mary

Office of Audit Services
Brown, Rita
Gonzalez, Lynn
Kahn, Sam (khans –> khansam)
Otter, Julee
Snopkowski, Patricia

Ext Clatsop
Souza, Mikiala

Sea Grant
Metz, Melissa
Russo Kelly, Miriah
Woods, Tiffany (woodst –> woodsti)