Unifications 1-25

The following customers will be unified this evening:

Ext Benton
Ashton, Carolyn
Cotter, Kelly
Einerson, Jody (bentonwi –> einersoj)
Fonseca, Ana
Garrett, Amy (garretta –> garretam)
Hymes, Kaylyn
Livesay, Maggie
Lucas, Christina
McGovern, Elizabeth (mcgoverl –> mcgovere)
Watson, Andrea (watsona –> danielan)

Ext Clatsop
Corcoran, Patrick
Tetlow, Lori

We’ll also be doing the following individuals tomorrow morning (7:30am or thereabouts, so that they can log in @ 8am):

Government Relations
Mills, Jock (millsjo –> millsjon)
Olsen, Karli
Serra, Gabrielle

Office of the President
Grubb, Elizabeth
Huey, Mark

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