Files restored – INTO’s shared drive

CN crew

Update – 1/22/2016 – 9am

There are over 3,000 files in the INTO share that did not restore properly due to long file names. Infrastructure is working through those items.

Files for INTO have been restored/recovered, specifically the following folders:

“Student Services” and “Academic Support Team”

Snapshot date: Tuesday January 19th at 12pm.

If they are missing files, when you do the recover, just bring back individual files.

The restore window for INTO files is January 18th and earlier, or January 21st 7pm and later.

Impacted files: docx, .doc, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf, etc.
.txt file can be pulled from anywhere
Recovery process
In all cases, recover the file somewhere else and work with customer to verify its the file they need.