Call Center Digest 1/12/2016

We have a lot going on. Here are a few highlights you should be aware of.

  • Bitlocker: please read the documentation; there will be a quiz!  Everything you need to know about encryption, MBAM, PINs, etc.
  • Data Warehouse test account (dca_test) password has changed – the new one is in KeePass.
  • Sick leave: Students and temp employees are eligible for sick leave now.
  • New call center techs: Please welcome Chance Jensen, Keith Davis, Derek Lafave, and Randall Boyd.
  • User Plus accounts for techs are gone. Use your admin account instead.

Licensed Software information

I’m working on a complete page for OSU software (There is this helpdoc already.) In the mean time, here are the main resources:

If a software package is not listed on the above sites, the employee or their department needs to purchase a license.

Printer Security Issues

We are getting an increasing number of reports of printers getting hit by the attack that makes them spit out paper with garbled text. These printers need to have security options set to limit access to OSU IPs. We may be able to secure these printers remotely – please ping Chris Kennard if you don’t know how to address it.

Please see the parent ticket for this issue for more information.

Fun Fact:

LeanPub is a very cool site.  Authors get 90% of the sale price, some books are free (with recommended donation) and you can get updates on books as they are being written. It integrates nicely with Kindle.

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