Short WebEx Enabled Telepresence outage on Friday January 8th – 9:25am-10:30am

What is WebEx Enabled Telepresence (WET) ?

A video conference session that combines a video conferencing room and a WebEx web based conference.

What is happening?

Move our TMS instance from a hardware-based server into the VM space. TMS is the software that makes scheduling a WET session possible.

Here’s what this will mean to you and your end-users:

  • We’re anticipating a short outage (we’re expected around 10-15 minutes) while we move from HW to VM since we’ll have to move the FQDN and IP info to the VM space – which will cause a short outage.
  • We are taking a backup of TMS at roughly 9:30 AM, and then performing this cutover at 10:00 AM. This means that anyone who schedules a WET meeting between about 9:25-10:30ish will not have it saved (as we’ll reimage the VM version with the 9:30 backup). We are planning on disabling the URL for the Smart Scheduler to help mitigate this issue.

Please let Pete Sander know if you have any questions for us. We are going to work hard to ensure that is as low impact to users as possible.

Thank you,

Peter Sander

Manager of iNOC & MCS

Information Services | Oregon State University

(541) 713-3330 (desk)

(503) 278-0058 (mobile)