BitLocker / MBAM client documentation available

The BitLocker/Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring documentation is ready for production. Encryption and decryption instructions should be followed for all BitLocker implementations starting today. It was decided additional training was not required so I am providing links to the documentation for you to review. The following information can be found in the following location:

BitLocker Training Lesson Plan
BitLocker/MBAM Policy FAQ
BitLocker/MBAM Client Event Log Entries

Template Hub General tab
– ‘BitLocker Drive Encryption’ and ‘BitLocker Drive Decryption’

Template Hub Base tab
– ‘BitLocker Drive Recovery’

Software Center
– Microsoft BitLocker Administration 2.5 SP1 client install package

**Additional information regarding media encryption is forthcoming and a notification will be sent out when it has been added to the lesson plan.

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