BitLocker / MBAM client documentation available

The BitLocker/Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring documentation is ready for production. Encryption and decryption instructions should be followed for all BitLocker implementations starting today. It was decided additional training was not required so I am providing links to the documentation for you to review. The following information can be found in the following location:

BitLocker Training Lesson Plan
BitLocker/MBAM Policy FAQ
BitLocker/MBAM Client Event Log Entries

Template Hub General tab
– ‘BitLocker Drive Encryption’ and ‘BitLocker Drive Decryption’

Template Hub Base tab
– ‘BitLocker Drive Recovery’

Software Center
– Microsoft BitLocker Administration 2.5 SP1 client install package

**Additional information regarding media encryption is forthcoming and a notification will be sent out when it has been added to the lesson plan.

Unifications 1-6

The following folks will be unified on the evening of 1-6.

Academic Success Center
Creighton, Clare (creightc –> creighcl)
Gasser, Chris
Leach, Jennifer
Malone, Jeff

Alumni Relations
Bishop, Geoffrey

Turner, Janet (turnerj –> turnerja)

Hoisington, Anne

Topness, Ellen

Enrollment Management
DeBellis, Rick
Peterson, Kate (peterska –> petekate)
Salchenberg, Kayleen

Ext Linn
Brandt, Jeanne (brandtj –> branjean)
Carrasco, Iris
Chavez, Leonor (chavezl –> chaveleo)
Dodge, Tina (dodget –> dodgeti)
Edmunds, Brooke
Fery, Melissa (ferym –> feryme)
Galloway, Robin
Gibson, Laurie (gibsonl –> gibsonla)
Leao, Andrea
O’Hearn, JoLynn (ohearnj –> hoglandj)
Opfer, Pamela (opferp –> monnettp)
Watkins, Brooke
Webster, Michele
Withrow-Robinson, Brad

Ext Marion
Alvarez, Elvira (alvareze –> bedpolle)
Bell, Neil
Bunn, Jennifer
Curiel, Cristian
Falcon, MariaIsabel
Godwin, Derek (godwinde –> godwind)
Godwin, Donita (rosed –> rosebord)
Gonzalez Pena, Yuritzy (gonzaley –> gonzalyu)
Hibbard, Schuyler
Hoynacki, Dan
Lopez, Francisca (lopezf –> desantif)
Peters, Jessie (petersje –> petersj)
Regan, Eileen
Rodriguez, Yolanda (rodriguy –> rodrigyo)
Scadden, Christopher
Stewart, Mary (stewartm –> stewmary)
Tipton, Margi
Warren, Norda
Baker, Julie
Chavez, Jenny (chavezj –> chavezje)
Lutcher, Larry
Rouska, Patrice

Ext Open Campus
Gomez, Ana (gomezana –> gomezdia)
Moxley, Keely

Ext Polk
Atha, Alisha
Busler, Susan
Cudmore, Carla
Peters, Judi
Pirelli, Gene
Scadden, Christopher
Scharf, Pam

Ext Union
Baggott, John
Bowen, Honour
Cox, Jamie (coxja –> coxjami)
Gray, Shannon (grays –> graysh)
Maille, Robin
Melville, David
Nantz, Sherry
Oester, Paul
Vaughn, Margie
Walenta, Darrin

Ext Wallowa
Arbogast, Jill
Bloom, Ann (blooma –> blooman)
Warnock, Debi (schreibd –> tracyd)
Williams, John (williamj –> willijoh)

Ext Wheeler
Aldrich, Teresa
Derby, Amy (derbya –> davisa)

Space Grant
Campbell, Shirley (campbesc –> campbels)
Lanier, Catherine

Cochran, Maureen
Johnson, Vanessa
Newhart, Daniel

Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life
Leslie Schacht Drey



All Dell Windows computers were updated (Citrix PVS image) in Milne on Wednesday, December 30th.

Bug fixes, improvements, and updates:

  • Fixed Adobe After Effects intermittent crash error 0 :: 42.
    • The fix was to update the video drivers.
  • Fixed newly introduced Adobe After Effects error about not having a disk cache configured.
    • I’ve created a folder C:\Temp and have configured the default user profile to point the cache there.
  • Fixed GPU performance error for Adobe Illustrator.
    • I’ve configured the default user profile to disable this feature and stop prompting the user.
  • Removed the Java update application from the run key in the registry. This should stop the update notifications.
  • Applied Windows updates.
  • Applied Ninite updates.
  • Applied Adobe CC updates.

Newly installed applications (by request):

  • TeXnicCenter
  • MiKTeX
  • MPlus
  • Eclipse IDE

Applications removed:

  • Winsent Innocenti